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Unseen kingdoms

Together with our Charity Partner End Youth Homelessness, in partnership with Channel 4.

Last year, 110,000 young people were affected by homelessness in the UK.*

Unseen Kingdoms is a documentary film series that explores what it means to be young and homeless – to find yourself adrift just as you’re coming of age. It shines a light on the impact homelessness has on young women, and provides a platform for women to share their stories and reclaim their narratives through spoken-word poetry.

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Together, we can help end youth homelessness

In this two-part series, we meet two young women who both became homeless in their late teens. Now, securely housed, they’re ready to share their stories – in their own words, and on their own terms, for the first time.

Unseen Kingdoms is a story about transformation. How reclaiming your narrative and your voice can change not only how the world sees you, but how you see yourself.

Danni's story

Fighting to be seen: Danni’s story

After suffering a mental health crisis Danni found herself homeless as a teenager. Her experiences of living through homelessness reflect the emotional toil it takes on you as a person. Much more than just not having a roof over your head, how it makes you feel invisible, and makes you lose faith in the system we live in.

Danni used her experiences with homelessness and mental health as a tool of self-empowerment. Today, she’s as a public speaker on the subject of homelessness, and has used the pain of her experiences to fuel her poetry.

“I have used my experience to empower myself and teach myself to love me first. Nowadays, I'm a published poet, a public speaker of homelessness, and a student. Without these experiences I would not be the woman I am today.”

Jamie's story

Moving upwards: Jamie’s story

In 2011, due to a breakdown in family relationships, Jamie moved into of one of Centrepoint’s hostels. From the age of 16, she spent six years moving between hostels and sofa surfing to stay afloat.

Jamie graduated with a masters in Contemporary Performance Practises in 2019 and has trained, taught and performed with some of the most prestigious dance facilities in the world. Today, she directs performance workshops for own company, Moving Upwards, a hub for vulnerable young people going through the same problems she once faced.

“I am so incredibly grateful and excited to share this film with the public, for me, it’s an opportunity to show young people who are struggling with homelessness not to give up on their dreams, and that if I can do it, then anyone can.”

Come Together illustration

Come Together Act Together

Homelessness devastates young lives. Without the right help at the right time, this downward spiral lasts through adulthood. But there’s still hope.This Christmas, we’ve come together with End Youth Homelessness to help homeless young women and their children across UK and Ireland get the help they need to secure a home of their own, and to also inspire individual acts of everyday activism to help create a world where a home is a right, not a privilege.

Every purchase gives back and your purchase can help. With your support we can end youth homelessness together.

*We will be making a donation of up to £150K this Christmas to the charity End Youth Homelessness. Whatever the purchase, big or small, we will donate 2p from every transaction made online and in store between the 13th October to 31st December and on The Body Shop At Home orders between 15th September to 31st December. This donation will help young people escape homeless for good by supporting them into a safe place to call home.

End Youth Homelessness is administered by Centrepoint, a charity registered in the UK (Registered Charity No. 292411)

Source: Centrepoint’s Youth Homelessness Database