The Best Vegan Cities in the UK

Our best vegan city map lets you explore how Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Sheffield, London and Brighton are reigning as the top cities in the UK for veganism.

Our research took us far and wide to scope out the top cities across the country that are offering the best plant-based lifestyles, so you know where your top options are in each city. We explored vegan restaurants, vegan events, vegan beauty trends, the uproar of #vegan on social media, vegan search trends and more!

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Edinburgh’s hungry for veganism

Between November 2015 - November 2018, Edinburgh has seen a whopping +2186% growth in Google searches for 'vegan restaurants', 22 times more searches than in 2015.

This impressive growth has continued to spiral, with a further +97% increase in Google searches for 'vegan restaurants' since November 2017.

With jaw-dropping growth in Google searches, there’s no real surprise that Edinburgh’s hungry for veganism, with the city’s appetite also now including the desire for vegan takeaways.

Edinburgh saw the largest growth (88%) in ‘vegan takeaway’ searches since November 2017, compared to Glasgow (+52%), London (+33%) and Brighton (+23%).

Glasgow’s got a love for vegan beauty

Like its neighbour Edinburgh, Glasgow has also shown astonishing search growth (+1473%) for ‘vegan restaurants’ since November 2015, over 15 times more Google searches than in 2015.

However, Glasgow has also shown a love for vegan beauty with a huge +77% growth in ‘vegan makeup’ Google searches since November 2015, followed by London (+72%) and Sheffield (+65%).

Glasgow is the biggest spender for The Body Shop vegan products per person compared to any other city in the UK!

Manchester can’t stop talking about veganism

With the highest number of social media accounts talking about veganism, Manchester is the most vocal city in the UK.

Not only is Manchester the most vocal when it comes to being #vegan, the city is also the most positive!

While they are busy spreading vegan positivity across social media, Manchester also bought the most amount of The Body Shop vegan products per person after Glasgow!

Sheffield’s the up and coming vegan capital of the North

Famous across the country for being the greenest city in the UK, Sheffield is well on its way to overthrowing both London and Brighton as the top vegan city!

Since November 2017, Sheffield has seen the biggest growth in 'vegan makeup' searches (+27%). Equating to double that of Brighton’s growth (+12%) and 12 times more than London’s growth (+2%).

Sheffield also bought the most The Body Shop Ginger Shampoo and The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash than any other The Body Shop store across the UK.

Pair the consumer demand for these favourite vegan products with an 800% increase in social media accounts talking about veganism, it is clear that Sheffield has the drive to become the Brighton of the North.

London has an all-round vegan presence

There’s no surprise that London made it into our top six cities! Newcomers such as Sheffield and Glasgow are making a green footprint with veganism; but, Brighton and London still have a place in the UK plant-based lifestyle takeover.

Combining the sales of the London based The Body Shop stores, over 250,000 vegan products were sold in London during August and October 2018, with the most amount of vegan products flying out the door in Oxford Street, Regent Street and Westfield Stratford.

Since November 2015, London has seen a +178% increase for the search term 'vegan’ and Google searches for 'cruelty free beauty' have also doubled.

Brighton offers the most vegan lifestyle options

Brighton already has a reputation for being a hot-spot with vegans, so it comes as no surprise that Brighton offers the most amount of restaurants and events for vegans to enjoy. 

Brighton offers six vegan events per 100,000 people, compared to the three which Edinburgh and Manchester offer, two vegan events in Glasgow, and London which offers less than one vegan event per 100,000 people. 

With an average of six vegan restaurants and nine vegan events to choose from per 100,000 people, if you’re looking to snack on deep-fried seitan and attend a protest to fight against animal testing, then get yourself down to the South Coast and join the leading vegan activist city in the UK.

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* Percentages have been rounded to their nearest decimal place. Per person has been calculated per 100,000 people.
To accurately rank one city above the next, the research findings (search data, social data, events data, restaurant data and The Body Shop sales data) were calculated per 100,000 people per city.
The Body Shop product information is sourced from The Body Shop UK sales data between 01/08/2018 to 31/1/2018.
Emoji and social media account and sentiment data was sourced from November 2016 to 20 November 2018, on 20 November 2018.
The search trends were sourced from from 1 November 2014 to 31 October 2018, on 19 November 2018.
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