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We know you’re busy saving the planet, looking after loved ones and standing up for what’s right. But how often do you come top of that list?

To keep doing good in the world, you need to take care of yourself too. Check in with the needs of your body and mind and take a moment each day to nurture them. Wellness comes in many ways. It might be drinking plenty of water, meditation, a long walk, a hot bath, or looking after your skin. Be your own best friend and find the little act of kindness that works for you.

Ways to practice self-care

Digital detox

Our devices have become a lifeline in 2020, particularly to keep in contact with loved ones. Think about ditching the devices at least for a little while over the coming weeks. How you define your digital detox is completely up to you, we all have different demands to juggle, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. We’ll help you figure out what works for you with tips and mindful methods.

Hands squeezing Tea Tree Hand Wash

Hard working hands need some hard working TLC

Washing your hands is an integral part of keeping yourself and those around you healthy. Day to day, you come into contact with thousands of surfaces from your mobile phone to shared yoga mats, which can lead to a build-up of germs on your hands. Read our guide on washing your hands and how to keep skin hydrated with hand-moisturisers.

Girl relaxing

Be kind to your mind

Self-care isn’t just about showing TLC to your body and skin – it’s about taking small moments to nourish the mind. Make sure you’re giving yourself plenty of time to rest. If you’re still having a hard time switching off, try to practice some calming steps from our guide to relaxation. They might not come easy straight away but keep going and good habits can soon click into place.

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Looking for a pick me up? Why not nourish, hydrate and refresh with our Deluxe Reset & Refresh Set, worth £85. Featuring favourites such as our Hemp Hand protector, Shea Body Butter and Vitamin E Creams, it’s full of all the self-care essentials.

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Shake those winter blues and treat yourself to our hydrating, protecting and softening Ultimate Set, worth £95. Packed with goodies such as our top rated Almond Milk and Honey Body Butter and Ginger haircare, it’s the ultimate pampering package.

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Spa of the World™ Range

You don’t need to go to the spa to feel pampered top-to-toe. Create your own blissful ritual in the comfort of your home with our Spa of the World™ collection, with a range of bath milks, creams, scrubs and massage oils to leave you feeling truly revitalised. Make sure to create a calming atmosphere: dim the lights, light some candles, run a bath and get ready to luxuriate.

Vitamin E cream

Feel good facing anything

When your skin looks and feels its best, you feel better too. Condition your complexion with a Day Cream that does more for your skin type or concern. Make this moment to moisturise like a mini facial each day: use this short step in your routine to tune-in to the senses as you glide your fingers over your skin.

Body butters

Boost body & soul

For some intense nourishment, try one of our iconic Body Butters, made with Community Fair Trade shea butter for ultra-rich hydration. With a range of nature-inspired scents to choose from, these thick and indulgent moisturisers help skin to feel soft, smooth and smelling delicious, so discover your way to nourished skin.

Our self-care tutorials

How to get glowing skin

Watch her glow. See how model Mariah Idrissi achieves a radiant complexion with a simple four-step skincare routine. She teaches us the importance of self-love and how looking after yourself from the inside-out is the key to beauty that shines.

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Body brushing

How to dry brush

Body brushers swear that five minutes is all it takes to get smoother skin. Megan Jayne Crabbe AKA @bodyposipanda shows us how it’s done, and with her wisdom in body confidence, reminds us what we always knew, but sometimes need a little nudge to feel: that every body is beautiful.

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Skin close us up

How to sleep better

One of the best ways to show your body and mind some self-care is a good night's sleep. We could all benefit from understanding how to sleep better, so discover our sleeping tips and goodies to help you look and feel ready for action in the morning.

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Other ways to practice self-care

Camomile cleanser

Little rituals

Establishing a daily ritual is an important way of finding time just for you. Start with a Face Wash or Cleanser that leaves you feeling refreshed in the morning, and a rich Cleansing Balm to wash away the day at night.

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Face masks

Try a face mask

For skin that’s misbehaving or for a conscious moment of calm, kick back with a Face Mask. We’ve got a pick-me-up to target every skin type or concern.

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Night mask

Night-time treats

For fuss-free TLC, try a night-time treat that gets to work while you sleep. Apply to cleansed skin before bed and wake up to skin that feels refreshed and hydrated.

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Scrub up

Buff away dead skin cells to feel smooth and squeaky-clean. A good exfoliating session can leave you feeling rejuvenated with fresher-feeling skin.

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