At The Body Shop we believe that acts of kindness keep spirits bright during uncertain times. We’ve been so inspired by the kindness we’re seeing from our community and colleagues across the globe that we wanted to share some of the ways we’ve been supporting our partners.

End Youth Homelessness

Empowering Young People

We have been working with the charity End Youth Homelessness to change the lives of young people at crisis point.

A mental health crisis has unfolded in the shadows. Among the general population, 10-20% of young people have mental health issues. But this figure jumps to over 50% when we look at young people accessing housing and support services, with the vast majority suffering from more than one mental health issue. And for some of those young people, the stigma and shame associated with homelessness only makes it worse. Mental illness can have debilitating, long-term consequences for young people so early intervention is vital. [1]

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Till donations, love your body club member rewards and the step up challenge which helped to launch a new Health Fund.

We want to end the shame young homeless people face and instead instil self-acceptance and self-belief. That’s why we partnered with the charity End Youth Homelessness for the launch of a new Health Fund, which would provide vulnerable young people with access to mental health support to help re-build their confidence and self-worth, and enable them to have successful and independent futures.

  • We donated 10p from every core 200ml Body Butter* purchased between 12th April to 30th September 2021. With your help we reached target to cover the running costs of the Health Fund in its pilot year. *Core 200ml Body Butters: Almond Milk, Argan, Avocado, British Rose, Coconut, Mango, Moringa, Olive, Pink Grapefruit, Satsuma, Shea and Strawberry
  • The Body Shop and End Youth Homelessness invited you to Step Up and help tackle the youth homelessness crisis with a fun step challenge this summer. Every step you took helped raise money for a new Health Fund pilot, which will provide vulnerable young people across the UK with access to mental health care to help them re-build their confidence and self-worth, and enable them to have brighter and happier futures.


Having struggled with mental health issues for most of her life, Kerry was left in a vulnerable place following the breakdown of an unhealthy relationship. Suddenly homeless and unemployed, she turned to her local End Youth Homelessness charity.

Kerry was given a safe place to live and with the support of a Jobs Coach and an End Youth Homelessness bursary, she was able to get a laptop and enrol onto a youth work course.

For Kerry, completing the course ignited a passion for youth advocacy. She is now studying Holistic Therapies and is looking forward to helping others by improving their wellbeing. Kerry’s own health has improved and her goals are now within reach.

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Homeless young people like Kerry can quickly find themselves at crisis point, unable to access mainstream mental health services. It can take time to open up and some conditions are episodic, meaning they cannot be identified straight away. Plus, the complex issues that homeless young people deal with often mean that they have to follow more than one care pathway - and they cannot afford to be put on a waiting list of up to 18 weeks.

With your support we can help End Youth Homelessness set up a Health Fund to ensure young people across the country receive the mental and physical health support they need.

In the first year of the pilot, End Youth Homelessness will be working with five member charities to offer a more flexible care pathway and provide mental health support within two weeks of a young person’s arrival at the local charity.

What will the donation fund?

  • Support for 230 young people
  • 2,760 hours of counselling (£42 provides a young person with an hour of dedicated mental health support in a safe and supportive environment)
  • A new Health Bursary


End Youth Homelessness is administered by Centrepoint. The charity was set-up in 2013 following a challenge from HRH Duke of Cambridge, Patron of Centrepoint, who wanted a national emphasis to end youth homelessness. Before End Youth Homelessness was established, there was no UK-wide organisation helping homeless young people.

End Youth Homelessness is a movement of eleven local charities. Collectively they support more than 30,000 young people (aged 16-25)each year. End Youth Homelessness helps its Member Charities collaborate to increase awareness, share experience and generate voluntary income to deliver services that transform the lives of homeless young people.

End Youth Homelessness is a charity administered by Centrepoint and registered in England and Wales (Registered Charity No. 292411). End Youth Homelessness also work with Focus Ireland who are the delivery partner for the Republic of Ireland (Registered Charity No. CHY 7220).



As so often when we are faced with unprecedented challenges, brilliant, selfless people do astonishing things to help us all, often putting themselves at risk so that the rest of us can be as safe, healthy and secure as possible.

That is why The Body Shop UK are delighted to be donating nearly 400,000 products, including soaps and Hemp Hand Protectors, to the tirelessly brilliant NHS staff and volunteers fighting the effects of Covid-19. An additional 120,000 products have already been donated to hospitals and charities around the country.


We really hope this little act of kindness will help provide these wonderful people even the smallest amount of time to care for themselves when they are spending so much time caring for others. And to know that we really do appreciate the amazing work they are doing for us all.

We believe that self-care has never been so important, because it’s easier to be kinder to others when you are kind to yourself. That’s why we recently kicked off our #TimeToCare initiative, offering tips and advice on how to look after your mind and body, as well as care bundles to give yourself and send to others. Because we are all better when we care, and we care together.

At The Body Shop we will continue to search for ways to support key workers and local communities throughout this crisis.

Please keep safe and remember to be kind to, and respect, those around you… and to care for yourself at this difficult time.




It’s thanks to the tireless commitment, talent, strength and selflessness of our incredible healthcare workers across the world that we can take some comfort during such challenging times. We want you to know how much we appreciate you, so we’ve donated £4.5 million worth of products globally to support nurses, doctors, support staff and volunteers. Our care packages include shampoos, conditioners and shower gels to help staff feel refreshed on shift, as well as post-work pamper treats and hand creams for fingers that feel thirsty from frequent washing. Our gratitude to frontline workers grows greater each day but for now, we hope a little act of kindness will help provide them with even the smallest amount of respite while they go to extraordinary lengths to keep us safe.