Netflix Inspired Makeup Looks

The most googled Netflix shows, popular make up looks and Canadian actors according to search volume.

Believe it or not, the streaming platform Netflix has become an international hub for beauty inspiration. From faux freckles and defining brows featured in the viral Korean show Squid Game to dewy skin and natural make up in period drama Bridgerton, fans are loving recreating iconic makeup looks from their favorite shows.

The Most Googled Netflix Shows in Canada

Squid Game takes the top spot for the most googled Netflix show in Canada after outranking popular period drama, Bridgerton.

The dystopian 10-episode show features 456 heavily debt-ridden people from South Korea, all of whom are entered to play six rounds of children’s games in a deadly attempt to win a large cash prize. As well as being popular for its gruesome and twisted story line, the show was hugely praised for highlighting the economic struggles and class divide in South Korea.

Schitts Creek, Peaky Blinders and Cobra Kai all followed to make up the top five with 1,904,000, 1,872,000 and 1,754,500 total searches -- perfect for binging!

The top 20 shows feature a variety of genres from medical dramas to psychological thrillers, with Outer Banks ranking 9th at 1,469,700 searches, Lucifer ranking 11th with 1,483,500 and ranking 15th, period drama The Crown totaling 1,111,500 searches.

Top 20 Most Googled Netflix Shows in Canada

Top 10 Canadian Actors

Ranking as the most popular Canadian actor with a staggering 27,240,000 CA Google searches, Rachel McAdams is best known for her roles as Regina George in popular chick flick ‘Mean Girls’ and Allie Hamilton in the classic love film ‘The Notebook’. McAdams has received 22 awards over her career and has been featured in 41 films and TV shows. With 25,800,000 searches, Bollywood star Nora Faheti ranks a close second and boasts an impressive 32 films and TV shows that she has featured in.

Both Cobie Smulders and Catherine O’Hara appear in the top five with a total of 14,203,00 and 11,789,000 CA Google searches.

Best known for their roles played in well-known drama series, Evangeline Lily, Sandra Oh and Emily Vancamp also feature in our Top 10.

Top 10 Canadian Actors

Top 15 Most Googled Makeup Looks

Aside from Google searches, acting awards and features, Netflix shows are becoming well known for their iconic fashion and breath-taking beauty looks.

Following Squid Game, British competition show ‘Glow Up’ takes second place for most searched for makeup looks in Canada. The show features a group of aspiring make-up artists from the UK who take part in weekly makeup challenges to progress through the competition in hopes to be crowned Britain’s next makeup star, all of which is judged by well-respected industry professionals. The contestants create a variety of quirky and wonderful looks from soft glam with bushy brows and natural skin to Sci-Fi and fiction inspired masterpieces.

If you’ve watched the hit Netflix rom-com ‘Emily in Paris’, then you’ll have noticed the effortless glam looks featured. Emily, an American marketing executive living in Paris can be seen with her staple bold square-shaped brows that are extenuated by highlighting concealer and brow gel.

Ranking 6th in the Top 15 is 'Ru Paul's Drag Race', most famous for pushing the boundaries of pop culture to an international level for its fiery queen drama, and creative fashion and beauty looks. From pristine cut creases, razor sharp contour, and striking highlighter the show is a hub of inspiration across the globe.

Top 15 Most Googled Netflix Makeup Looks

Top 20 Most Googled Canadian Actor Makeup Looks

According to our index, the search term ‘Pamela Anderson Makeup’ ranked the highest with 10,120 searches closely followed by ‘Shay Mitchell Makeup’. ‘Rachel McAdams Makeup’ ranked third followed by her Mean Girls character ‘Regina George Makeup’ which is no surprise after she took the top spot on our most popular Canadian actor list.

Top 20 Most Googled Canadian Actor Makeup Looks

Methodology & Sources

Search data on Netflix shows, Canadian actresses and their associated make up looks were taken from Google's Keyword Planner. Search volumes apply to the latest 12-month period available (Oct 20-Oct 21) on KWP at the time of writing (November 21).