Life is short and your body is beautiful. You’re not a smartphone and you don’t need an upgrade. But if you want some tips and inspiration (How can I help protect my skin everyday? What skincare products should I be using this summer?) we’ve collected our expert guides all in one place.

Read our advice on treating that beautiful body and soul with love this summer.

July 2021

Summer Skincare

Summer is officially here and we couldn’t be happier about it. But what does that mean for our skin? We all know the importance of using SPF daily, but we have a secret unsung hero for the summer months. A face toner is essential to leave skin clean as a whistle and prep your skin for moisture and protection.

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Skin Defence range Model applying SPF
Tea Tree Toner

Finding the right toner for your skin type can also help to keep that excess oil in check, leaving you free to bask in the glorious sun without an oil-related care in the world.

Skin Defence

Help protect your skin every day

Need a moisturiser with SPF for on the go? Or maybe you’re looking for makeup that also helps protect your skin from the sun? Look no further.

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Model applying toner

Best Face Toners

Whether you’re prone to breakouts or in need of an extra hit of hydration from your toner, check out our assortment of toners for you.

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