We often forget that the skin on our bodies need similar care to the skin on our faces. Whole body care is about how we exfoliate, hydrate and treat the skin on our bodies - to help get you started we've got info on our body products, how to's, benefits and routines


Which body moisturizer is for me?

Wondering which body moisturizer ticks all the boxes for you and your skin? Find out in our detailed guide.

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Body Butter range

Body Butter Buying Guide

Discover our range of iconic body butters and find out which one is the best pick for you.

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How to use body scrub

Learn all about how and when to use our body scrubs to get that softer-feeling, healthier-looking skin.

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Body butter texture

What is body butter

Read about our moisturizing TLC icon: the body butter. Find out what it is, its history and how to use it.

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Blue Musk fragrance

Find your body fragrance

Discover our range of fragrances and use this guide to help you find the one that suits you best.

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Best body exfoliators

Discover all types of body exfoliators for all skin types and what accessories go best with them.

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Body care routines

Learn about the benefits of a good body care routine tailored for your skin type, and what products to use to achieve the best results for you.

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Benefits of dry brushing

Read about the benefits of dry brushing with helpful how to's to get you started.

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How to treat your feet

Discover how to tackle dry feet and let your toes have their moment.

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The Body Shop model

Our stance on youthful skin

Read our stance on youth in the beauty industry and our top tips for taking care of all skin types

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Hand holding Coconut Bronze

How to get sun kissed glow

Learn how to fake tan, including how to prep your skin, how best to apply fake tan, and helpful aftercare tips

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Ginger Shampoo

Vegan Essentials Guide

Glow from the inside out with our Vegan essentials Guide.

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