Coconut bronze tanCoconut bronze tan

How to fake tan

Looking for a head-to-toe glow? This summer, get glowing like a goddess with a little help from our Community Fair Trade bronzing beauties. Read on to get the glow-down.

Looking for a head-to-toe glow? This summer, get glowing like a goddess with a little help from our Community Fair Trade bronzing beauties. Read on to get the glow-down.


There’s no one way to get that glow. Whether you’re wanting weeks of radiance, or just an evening of shimmer, we’ve got the perfect tanning partner for you.

Coconut Bronze Glowing Wash-Off Tan

Build your glow

Our Coconut Bronze Glowing Wash-Off Tan is quick-drying, non-greasy and comfortable on your skin – super for a subtle sparkle.

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Coconut Bronze Gradual Tan Lotion

Turn it up

For a lightweight and buildable healthy-looking golden glow, try our Coconut Bronze Gradual Tan Lotion.

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Coconut Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil

Add some shimmer

Non-greasy and easy to apply, our Coconut Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil works wonders with your natural tan.

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Almond Milk Body Scrub and Moringa Body Yogurt application

Step 2: Prepare your skin

For a streak-free finish, it’s important to make sure your skin is prepped before you apply your tan. Listen up…

Any hair removal should be done the day before you plan to tan. This means your skin can chill out and heal any nasty nicks before the big day.

Exfoliating from head-to-toe before your tanning sesh is the key to splotch-free colour. One of our Body Scrubs will prime your canvas. If you’re feeling brave, end your shower with a blast of cold water. It could help tighten up pores and leave skin taut and smooth.

Hydrate any dry bits like knees and elbows with a lightweight, water-based moisturiser – a Body Shop Body Yogurt is just the ticket. It’ll sink in instantly and won’t get in the way of glowy skin.

Model applying fake tan to legs

Step 3: Apply your tan

Now you’ve exfoliated and moisturised, let’s get down to business. Here’s how to apply fake tan to get a lustrous, even finish...

  1. Make sure skin is completely dry and, with your fingertips, use long, sweeping circular motions to rub in your tan.

  2. Break it up into sections, and start with the easiest places to reach, like your arms. Make sure there’s no excess product left before you move on.

  3. Apply a few more pumps each time you reach another bit of your bod. Be careful not to overdo it around tricky areas like wrists, armpits and ankles. Glide gently over the top of your feet and backs of your hands – they can be a dead giveaway!

  4. Give your palms, fingers and nails a good old scrub down, to make sure there’s no tan caught up in all those nooks and crannies.

  5. Now allow your lovely new tan to develop for at least a couple of hours, or overnight if you can, before taking a shower.

Body brush

Step 4: Maintain your tan

To keep your Gradual Tan singing for weeks on end, reapply every few days after your initial glow-up.

Keep your skin hydrated daily – even when you aren’t rocking a faux glow – this will help avoid flakey fading.

Exfoliate regularly and, for an extra flourish, try our Round Body Brush, a clever bit of kit that can gently buff away dead skin cells and old tan.

Tip: Going for a dip? Towel dry gingerly after swimming. The same goes for showers and baths – the more you swim and wash the quicker your tan will fade.

Bronzer with makeup brush

Enhance your tan with makeup

Glowing body? Smashed it. But what about that beautiful face? It deserves a dusting of sunbeams, too.

Our duo of Coconut Bronze powders, either in a matte finish or glistening glow, add shimmer to any makeup routine. Whether you’re wanting a low-key, sunkissed-esque moment or something sparkly to take you from dinner to dancing, you’ve got it.

Apply with our Pointed Highlighter Brush, focusing on your natural sun-catchers, like the collarbone, cheeks and bridge of your nose.

Fair Trade organic virgin coconut oil

What’s in our Community Fair Trade Coconut Bronze range?

The Community Fair Trade organic virgin coconut oil that enriches our 100% vegan range comes from the beautiful island of Samoa.

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Women in Business Development Inc

Coconut oil has always been known as a bit of a wonder oil, moisturising skin, hair and bodies for thousands of years.

We work with Women in Business Development Inc (WIBDI), who help local Samoan families generate an income from their abundant natural resources.

Tan effect

Congratulations, sunshine!

You now know everything there is to know about fake tanning and are ready for your glow-up.

Model smiling in the sun