Feel-Good Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips

Top tips on how to wrap a gift this Christmas, and easy stress-free gift wrapping ideas.

It’s the most beauty-full time of the year. From wrapping paper to ribbons, to festive sacks and extravagant boxes, there are many ways to perfectly wrap your Christmas gifts.

Knowing how wrap your Christmas gifts is a festive art, but some shaped gifts can make for tricky wrapping. Which is why we asked some of our favourite interior design and craft influencers to share their top festive tips on how to wrap a gift this Christmas.


How well can you gift wrap?

We all know how challenging wrapping awkward-shaped Christmas gifts can be, but there is still a way that it can be fun.

We put this festive pet-peeve to the test with the experts, by challenging crafty blogger Natasha Nuttall of Graphique Fantastique to do exactly that - but we also blindfolded her, because sometimes wrapping odd-shaped gifts can seem just like wrapping in the dark…

Tap the play button to watch Natasha vs. Body Butter Stars of the Forest!


Feel-good tips: for home-crafted gift-wrapping


Who What Claire


For gift wrap that has the wow factor, mixing prints, textures and colours is a sure fire way to impress!

Team bright printed paper with everything from ribbons and pom-poms to strings and feathers for gifts that are sure to stand out from the rest!



Wing it with Jade


Until you get the time to attach your gift tags, write names on labels and stick to the presents whilst wrapping.

This will avoid ruining your wonderfully gift-wrapped presents in a desperate attempt to figure out whose is whose.



Squibb Vicious


If your family is like mine, they love a fun Christmas bag or oodles of ribbon around each gift, then why not save them!

I store mine away for the year and when Christmas arrives you've got plenty to recycle!





Wrapping paper might look cute but it’s not quite so forgiving on the planet!

Most don’t know that a lot of wrapping paper can’t be recycled so go green this year and use brown wrapping paper!



Jasmin Charlotte


Gift wrapping shouldn't be a chore. Make it fun by combining it with things you enjoy.

Try making your own tags, your own gift paper or write cryptic clues on the tags for your recipients to guess!





Whether you’re an expert or a newbie, wrapping can be made easy by simply adding embellishments!

Tape a cute flower, a sprig of rosemary or a big, beautiful bow to your gift; and you’ll make all the difference to it!



Rebecca Coco


When it comes to gift wrapping I believe it’s the little touches that make a huge difference.

My favourite tip is to pop a tree decoration on the wrapped present, it finishes it off perfectly!





If you have a small gift place it inside a used toilet roll and wrap it like a Christmas cracker!

You could even add a bit of fun by adding cracker snap, paper hat and joke!

Feel-good tips: for stress-free gift-wrapping

Personalised Parcel Paper!

Haydy - Squibbvicious

"If like me, you're big into selling your old clothes and shoes online, it's likely you're going to have some of that classic brown parcel paper lying around. As I tend to buy my parcel paper in bulk as it works out cheaper, so this is what I'm going to be using as my Christmas wrapping this year.

It may sound bland but after purchasing a few Christmas stamps I can make personalised wrapping paper for a very low price! I also have letter stamps to stamp my own parcel tags to make sure the right person gets the right gift and to write witty Christmas quotes on the paper too! Combine with your recycled bows and you're onto a money-saving winner!"

Use fabric instead of paper!

Jemma - Dorkface

"If you want a stress free solution to wrapping awkwardly shaped gifts, especially one that will set you apart from the crowd and earn you major bonus points; then use pretty fabrics for wrappings, instead of paper.

There’s nothing worse than spending all your time and energy finding the perfect gift for someone, only to ruin things with a bad wrap job due to awkward shaped packaging. Forget the fuss, focus on simple, beautiful presentation by choosing pretty fabrics to adorn your presents instead.

You can twist it, fold it, and mould it to any shape needed, and it will instantly look more professional than a botched paper job. Keep in place with a pin, paperclip, or decorative ribbon; and you’re all set!"

Hide Mistakes with Beautiful Decorations

Jade - Wing it with Jade

"When I receive a present with bows, ribbon or beautiful embellishments it feels so much more special and unique to me. Not only that; beautiful decorations can hide a multitude of mistakes.

So if you make any atrocious faux pas when wrapping this Christmas, personalise the gift using colourful accent pieces such as ribbon, hand-made tags, stickers… Anything colourful and sparkly which you can get your hands on!

Your recipient with be truly grateful for the time and effort you have spent on making their present so rare and special. They won’t even notice that you’ve used three types of wrapping paper or that you’ve totally screwed up the paper up and coated it in tape (we’ve all been there)."

Pre-cut your tape

Corinne - Skinnedcartree

"You need at least three hands to wrap and tape a present – sadly evolution did not take Christmas wrapping into consideration when helping us adapt to our environment, so we are just stuck with two of the things.

One way to get around this is to cut the tape into strips before you start wrapping and stick a small part of the tape to the edge of a hard surface. This then prevents getting tape tangled up and having to find a way to cut it when you’re holding the wrapping paper in place."

Make your own unique gift tags

Jasmin - Jasmin Charlotte

"When you're doing your Christmas gift wrapping, think about making part of it a present in itself! .

Make some custom gift tags which can then be taken off and hung on the tree or used as a bookmark. There are many ways to make them - from painting to sewing. To sew a unique gift tag, take a large needle and use it to punch holes into the tag in the shape you'd like to make. Then get some thread and use it to sew through and join up the holes.

Quick and easy!"

Simple Folding for Awkward Presents

Rebecca - Rebecca Coco

"So you’ve finished your Christmas shopping but you’re now sitting on your floor with wrapping paper and tape, staring at the presents wishing you bought rectangular gifts to avoid the incoming wrapping disaster. Unfortunately not all gifts are conveniently rectangular, however I have a great tip to share with you so there’s no need to despair!

When it comes to oddly shaped items such as bottles and candles, I love to create a fan at the top and tie with a bow. To do this you first need to wrap the item and tape the bottom, leaving the top half open. Next fold the top of the excess paper flat and create a concertina effect. You repeat this until it’s folded all the way down, then simply tie a ribbon round the gift and tape the two parts of the fan you’ve created with tape. Simple but makes a statement!"

Use Dried Out Flowers for Decoration

Bee - Queen Beady

"This might take a bit of pre-thinking for Christmas Gift Wrapping but to make your presents look extra pretty this year buy a bunch of flowers about a month or so before you want to start wrapping – gypsophilia is one of my favourites.

You can dry and press flowers using a hard-back book. Lay them in one and keep closed for a month or so till they are ready. (Or invest in a flower pressing kit that you can use each year!)

Use brown crafting paper to wrap your gift, tie some string around it and add your dried flowers. Voila. You have a stunning gift to give to a loved and it’s environmentally friendly too!"

Make a difference

Claire - Who What Claire

"Do your bit for the environment this Christmas and opt for recyclable brown parcel paper instead. Not only is it a much more affordable option, but it’s the perfect blank canvas for you to put your own stamp on and get creative!

Get arty use pens or paints to decorate your paper in the most festively fun designs, or personalise each sheet of wrapping for the receivers of your gifts!

For a more simple (and mess free!) design, wrap your parcels in plain brown paper, then bundle them up with beautiful coloured strings and add sprigs of festive holly and fir for a traditional take. Then why not recycle old Christmas cards, by cutting out your favourite scenes and use them as gift tags. Voila!"