Sourced from El Guabo since 2006 (re-joined CT programme in 2017)

Our much-loved banana puree is organically produced and sourced from expert farmers at El Guabo, who are based in the Macizo del Cajas biosphere in south-west Ecuador. We’ve been working together since 2006, and re-established our Community Trade partnership in 2017. Our long-standing partnership relationship with El Guabo has helped pay the farmers a consistently fair price in an industry that is notoriously exploitative. El Guabo is a fair trade organisation committed to raising living standards for the community, as well as encouraging female farmers to join the association and receive equal benefits to men. So when you treat your locks to our Banana Haircare range, you’re also helping to give power to the people who produce this nourishing ingredient.


Enrich our products

Bananas are historically known as ‘the fruit of wise men’ and grow from large herbaceous flowering plants. Treasured for its moisturizing properties, our organic Community Trade banana puree is a pampering treat for hair. We enrich our Banana haircare range with this delicious ingredient.

Enrich our people

Our trade helps support local producers living in a rural area of Ecuador with limited work opportunities. The El Guabo association are enabling small-holder farmers to compete against big banana plantations. They are also committed to raising living standards for the community by investing in education, healthcare and water purification facilities.

Enrich our planet

Soils have been heavily affected by conventional banana farming, so El Guabo are encouraging more farmers to grow their bananas organically to help reduce environmental impact. As a sustainable business, The Body Shop also strives to minimize waste by using the bananas that wouldn’t sell to the food industry because they are the wrong shape and size.