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Sweet Apricot & Agave Fragrance Duo

Fragrance gift setRefreshingly sweet

Sweet Apricot & Agave Fragrance Duo Hvad gør det for dig?

Our Sweet Apricot & Agave Fragrance Duo is the perfect treat for a fruity fragrance lover.

Spritz on our Hair Mist. Slick on our Solid Fragrance.

This sweetly-scented duo is perfect for stashing in your handbag or desk drawer so you can freshen hair and body wherever, whenever.

  • Sweet Apricot & Agave Hair & Body Mist 150ml
  • Sweet Apricot & Agave Solid Fragrance 4.5g
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How to use

  1. Pick the flavour you need to feel good.
  2. Spritz your hair and body for an instant fragrance refresh.
  3. Pop in your bag and top up whenever you like.