Skincare Routines

Building a skincare routine that works for you depends on your skin type and the products you use. We've put together product lists, tailored routines, and how-to's so you can get the best out of your products. Explore our skincare products.

Model applying toner to face with cottan pad

Best Face Toners

Toners are essential for any skincare regime - find the best toner for your skin type.

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Range of Swipe It Lip Balms

Summer skincare

See our top tips for adapting your skincare routine for summer.

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Range of Vitamin C products

How to get glowing skin

Want to revive dull-looking skin? Find out how to enhance your natural glow in this article.

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Model applying moisturiser to face

Best face moisturisers

Read our guide to help you find the best moisturiser for your skin type.

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Model applying eye cream under eyes

Period skincare

Learn how your skin is affected at different points in your menstrual cycle and tips on how to treat your skin.

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Vitamin E Cream Cleanser

How to use cleansers

Not sure what cleanser to use, how often to use it or when to use it? Read our helpful guide on all things cleansers.

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Model spraying face mist onto face

How to use face mists

Discover the benefits of face mists, how to use them and the best one for you.

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Model using face peel on face

Benefits of liquid face peels

Find out what liquid face peels are, the benefits, how to use them and more in our guide.

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Model applying shave foam to face with shaving brush

Men's grooming tips

We've put together our top men's grooming tips in one place, so you can build the ideal skincare routine for you.

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Coconut mini products

Long haul flight tips

See our smart long-haul flight tips to help keep your skin hydrating when travelling.

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Model applying face mask to face with facial brush

Benefits of face masks

Choose the best face mask for you based on your skin type and needs in this guide.

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How to protect your skin from the sun

Find out how to protect your skin from the sun and our top recommended products.

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Range of The Body Shop shower gels

Gym skincare tips

We've put together pre and post workout skincare routines, to help keep your skin feeling good.

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Hand moisturiser being applied to back of hand

Winter skincare guide

Switch up your skincare routine for winter in our helpful guide.

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Model applying face cream to face

How to build a skincare routine

Build day and night skincare routines with our step-by-step guide.

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Aloe Toner being poured onto reusable cotton pad

How to use toner

Learn which toner is best for you and how to use them effectively.

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Model using face wash on face

Shake up your skincare cabinet

Get in the know about how to store your skincare products, expiration dates and more!

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Range of Edelweiss products

Power up your winter skincare

Learn all about how using our Edelweiss products can help protect your skin in winter.

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Model holding Vitamin C Glow Serum bottle and dropper

How to get radiant skin

Tackle dry or dull skin with our list of hero products to help get radiant skin.

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