Winter skincare

Baby, it’s cold outside. And you know what that means: dehydrated skin – a result of those biting winds and cooler temperatures. If you can’t wait for warmer weather, stick with us while we explain what to expect, where to expect it and – crucially – what you can do to keep your skin looking and feeling softer, smoother, hydrated and protected.

Winter skincare essentials

Let’s start with a quick overview. When temperatures drop and wind cuts like ice, these are the main areas where you can expect your skin to be affected.

Woman smiling and applying product to face

Your face

Your face can take a bit of a battering from blustery winds and the freezing cold. Return those rosy cheeks to supple soft feeling skin with our winter skincare moisturisers.

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Model applying hand cream to hands

Your hands

Woolly gloves can only go so far towards keeping your hands soft when things get nippy. Help moisturise your fingertips before they clasp that nice hot cuppa.

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Model applying lip balm to lips

Your lips

Taking care of your lips in the winter is incredibly important. Leave them exposed and unprotected, and you may well end up feeling rather uncomfortable.

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Woman applying eye cream

Your eyes

Cold, dry winds = not great for your delicate eye area. Remember, if you look out for your eyes, they’ll look out for you.

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Model applying Hemp hand cream to hands

Winter can take its toll on your skin. But, with a little tender love and care – and the right products with the best ingredients – it’s much easier to tackle head on.

Oils of life™ intensely revitalising cleansing oil-in-gel in a bathroom setting

Oils of life™ intensely revitalising cleansing oil-in-gel


Best For: Dull skin

Enriched with: Community fair trade organic olive oil

This invigorating luxurious rich-in-oil gel is the perfect tool for gently tackling daily grime, removing make-up and setting yourself up for 72 hours of moisture.

“Feels really soft and silky on my skin, smells gorgeous and leaves my skin clean.”


Hemp hand protector in bathroom setting

Hemp hand protector


Best For: Hard-working, ultra-dry hands

Enriched with: Hemp seed oil

Top Tip: Massage in well for a moment of self-care

Our best-selling product – literally, number one. This hard-working cream moisturises the roughest of hands to leave both palms and digits feeling dreamy.

"A hand cream which actually makes a difference. Thank you, Body Shop.”


Vitamin E moisture cream in bathroom setting

Vitamin e moisture cream


Best For: All skin types

Enriched with: Hyaluronic acid

Top Tip: The beauty of the Vitamin E range is that there is a moisturiser for every skin type – normal, dry and combination.

An iconic product in our range, first formulated in the 1970s and continually perfected to hydrate your skin – leaving it smelling fresh and feeling plumper.

“I’ve been using this for years. It is my favourite day time moisturiser. It lasts for ages as you don’t need much.”


Drops of youth™ bouncy eye mask in bathroom setting

Drops of youth™ bouncy eye mask


Best For: Tired looking eyes

Enriched with: Plant stem cells and cucumber extract

Top Tip: While this is designed for night time use as a mask, it can double up as a daytime cream too: tap it gently around the eye and voila!

We’ve all had those sleepless nights that can leave us looking a little worse for wear – and it’s our eyes that are the biggest giveaway. Help freshen up and feel hydrated with this overnight mask.

“I bought this as my eye are was feeling dry and I wanted something I could put on overnight. This product was exactly what I wanted. It feels amazing and cooling on application, and sinks in wonderfully overnight. It doesn’t feel sticky at all, and my whole eye are looks and feels so much better come the morning. Would definitely recommend.”


Vitamin E lip balm in bathroom setting

Vitamin e lip care spf15


Best For: Dry lips

Made with: Community Fair Trade organic coconut oil

Top Tip: As well as moisturising, it also has SPF protection to protect from UVA and UVB rays still around in winter!

Help protect your lips against the harshest weathers and remain free of dry skin. Suitable for all skin types.

“Best lip balm I’ve been able to find.”

Rebecca J

Why should you change your skincare routine in winter?

Winter weather conditions can take a toll on your face and body – as the temperatures drop, so too do the moisture levels in your skin. Cold temperatures and harsh winds can cause skin to dry out and lose its natural, healthy-looking glow.

As well as winter weather, central heating can cause the air to dry out, which can then cause your skin to dehydrate. The colder and darker winter months can also deplete your skin of nutrients (including vitamin D), which can cause skin to look dull and uneven.

When skin is dry, it can begin to feel rough, tight and more sensitive. Dry skin can develop on any part of the body and is especially common on the face during winter because it is more exposed to the weather. When your skin begins to lose its moisture and become dehydrated, it means it’s lacking the water levels needed to function effectively, and it can lose its softness, suppleness and natural-looking glow.

Woman in winter hat and scarf


Dehydrated skin can affect all skin types (even oily and combination skin), but what are the main causes and how you can you help prevent it? Rehydrate your skin and help restore its natural-looking glow with these top skincare tips and essentials.

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It’s not just your skin that suffers during winter – winter weather can wreak havoc on your hair too. Keep dry hair protected and moisturised during the colder and harsher winter months with our top winter haircare tips, routines and essentials.