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我們已更新私隱聲明及Love Your BodyTM Club條款及細則。詳情請瀏覽私隱聲明LYBC

我們已更新私隱聲明及Love Your BodyTM Club條款及細則。詳情請瀏覽私隱聲明LYBC

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  • 聖誕限量版奢華倒數月曆

    67455 號產品

    $ 1,499.00

    Introducing the ultimate advent calendar of your dreams. This Christmas, The Body Shop wants you to imagine a Christmas where anything is possible. It’s the time of year to dream big… Every day of advent, we’re celebrating the achievements of brilliant women who dreamed big and made history, with daily trivia to inspire and empower you. Then, collect your empty boxes and design a magical Christmas village of your own. And the products? This calendar is the ultimate choice for beauty lovers. Stroll through the streets of this dreamy festive town and take a peek behind every door for daily beauty surprises. from our favourite collections, including skincare bestsellers, deliciously-scented bath and body, make-up and more. Love a spoiler? See the full list below.

    • 每樣產品均是純素主義者適用!
    • 香蕉滋養護髮膜 240ml
    • 椰子潤手霜 30ml
    • Drops of Youth™ 植物幹細胞活肌精華面膜 21ml
    • 亮彩水晶唇膏液 8ml - Apply Traffy
    • 甘菊溫和眼部卸妝液 250ml
    • 節日限量版清新香梨身體潤膚霜 50ml
    • 節日限量版熱情雲呢拿沐浴露 60ml
    • 乳木果身體潤膚霜 200ml
    • 椰子身體磨砂 50ml
    • 士多啤梨亮澤洗髮露 250ml
    • 辣木潤手霜 100ml
    • 胡蘿蔔抗氧補濕面霜 50ml
    • 士多啤梨亮澤護髮素 250ml
    • 英倫玫瑰沐浴露 250ml
    • 白麝香花果淡香水 30ml
    • Spa of the World™ 日本山茶花潤膚乳 50ml
    • 眼影掃
    • Oils of Life™ 極致賦活面霜 50ml
    • 亮彩水晶唇膏液 8ml - Cherry Gum
    • 玫瑰亮采補濕噴霧 60ml
    • 英倫玫瑰身體補濕乳酪 200ml
    • 竹炭排毒淨肌面膜 75ml
    • 英倫玫瑰潤手霜 100ml
    • Drops of Youth™ 植物幹細胞活肌精華 30ml
    • 蘆薈鎮靜面膜 18ml
    • 節日限量版小鹿髮箍





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