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61889 號產品

$ 569.00

Treat someone with dry, sensitive skin to the ultimate pampering gift box. Enriched with Community Trade organic almond milk from Spain, the creamy head-to-toe treats packed inside our gift box will leave your skin feeling soothed, smoother and softer all Christmas. Feel recharged with moisture with the comforting, Almond Milk with Oats Instant Soothing Mask. Gently exfoliate with the Cream Scrub and lather up with the cleansing Shower Cream. Moisturise with the richly textured Body Butter, fast-absorbing Body Yogurt and hydrating Hand Cream. Now relax. Let those feel-good vibes sink in. Our Soothing Almond Milk & Honey Ultimate Collection has you covered.

  • 杏仁奶蜂蜜沐浴乳 250ml
  • 杏仁奶燕麥紓緩柔膚面膜75ml
  • 杏仁奶身體補濕乳酪 200ml
  • 杏仁奶蜂蜜身體潤膚霜 50ml
  • 杏仁奶蜂蜜磨砂 25Oml
  • 杏仁奶蜂蜜潤手霜 30ml
  • 沐浴球
  • 蘊含來自西班牙的社群貿易有機杏仁奶





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