Long-Haul Flight Tips

Suitcase packed, ooh where are you off to? Whether you’re jetting towards a once in a lifetime dream destination, a big important global meeting or beaming at the thought of seeing distant loved ones – a long haul flight heralds a big adventure. And it’s a big moment for your skin too, airplane air is dryer than the Sahara Desert. Fact. The desert has an average of 25 percent humidity, and most planes are below 20 percent. So! We’d better look at some smart long haul flight tips to make sure you and your gorgeous mug bounce off the plane looking as radiant as when you bounced on. Eyes on our Sheet Face Mask range and favourite travel-sized toiletries.

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Before the flight

Imagine a long haul flight as if you’re travelling through the desert for 6 hours to get to where you're going. Then let’s get prepped accordingly. Like packing, you can prepare your skin the week before you fly by cajoling it into being its most hydrated happy self, before you step onto the plane. Guzzle as much water as you can and get some early nights in for 3-4 days before take-off. We’ve got the next bit covered – flight skincare essentials. When your skin is being ravaged of moisture, we’ve got everything it will thank you for in hand-luggage friendly miniatures. In the meantime, keep up your daily skincare routine including one of our hydrating moisturisers day and night.

Get ready in three steps

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Drink water and plan your snacks

It’s time to fly and you’ve packed and prepped like a pro, but hang on… have you thought about grabbing some healthy snacks en route? Not all airlines are as in touch with your wellbeing as you are, and typical airline snacks like nuts and crackers can be salty and create desert-like conditions in your body. Nobody wants to get off the plane feeling slightly shrivelled. So, you’ll get brownie points from your skin if you pack some angelic snacks – veggie sticks, fruit, a homemade sandwich and some herbal tea bags. Your whole body and being is affected by the dry air on flights so keep up the water intake and watch what you eat as you soar above the clouds.

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Prep your skin before your flight

Taking your skin on a long haul flight needn’t be a dehydrating drama if you give it a little bit of TLC before the off. Why not get into an ancient Roman state of mind and think of a luxurious face mask with our Mediterranean Almond Milk with Oats Instant Soothing Mask. Inspired by wise ladies who knew a thing or two about pampering, this mask has a creamy, porridge-like blend of oatmeal from the UK and Community Fair Trade organic almond milk from Spain. This dreamy mask smooths onto the skin and helps provide instant moisture for your skin to guzzle up. It’ll feel nourished and protected and ready to take on any environmental hazards. And what about those loyal limbs too? Yep, they need a serious dose of something special, after showering, try our Olive Nourishing Body Butter, enriched with nourishing shea butter and helping deliver 72-hour moisturisation – that means the flight and beyond.

Travel kit

Make sure you hand luggage complies with regulations

Now this is the Krypton Factor challenge we all face before flying anywhere. How to get everything liquid-like for our skin’s needs in 100ml or under and then cram it all into a clear bag approx. 20cm by 20cm sealed or tied at the top? Where’s Challenge Anneka when you need her? Well, we’ll try hard to take her place. Double check your airline restrictions before you fly, generally liquids tend to include creams, lotions, perfumes, oils, mascara, lip gloss, deodorant and toothpaste. So think hard what you need the most on the flight and when you land. Always include a face moisturiser, naturally.


我们为机上必备护肤品提供了一些好的建议,包括片装面膜、凝胶喷雾以及清爽凝胶眼膜,都可以放进你随身携带的透明袋子内。如果你和亲朋好友坐在一起,那与他们分享这些护肤小物品会让飞行旅程充满欢乐。而如果你是单独一人,那分享护肤小物品也能让你结识到新朋友。你会发现你钟意的所有 The Body Shop 产品能让你的肌肤在整个旅途中保持健康活力,而这些小物品都是可随身携带的旅行装,不会占用到你的托运行李空间。如果你将旅行装护肤品看做日常护理程序的迷你装,并且会搭配使用这些卓效产品为肌肤带来额外温柔呵护,那就对了。


小贴士 1:随时敷面膜

下面介绍卓有成效的长途飞行小贴士。为什么不用面膜呢? 我们创新的片装面膜十分适合飞行时使用。它携带方便,可随时为肌肤补水,让你重现光彩面容。还有比 Drops of Youth™ 极致活颜焕肤精华面膜更好的飞行伴侣吗? 说实话几乎没有。它可完美贴合面部,为肌肤补水保湿,其中的镇静成分还可让你放松身心。它蕴含各种天然成分,包括来自布列塔尼海岸和意大利阿尔卑斯的的雪绒花、海滨刺芹及海茴香的植物干细胞以及来自卢旺达的社群公平贸易辣木籽油。将面膜敷在清洁后的面部,放松地休息 15 分钟,让这款卓效面膜发挥作用。然后从下到上揭下面膜并在脸部轻柔按摩。完美。

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小贴士 2:充分放松

你是打算在飞行途中睡觉还是一直观看机上娱乐内容? 无论是哪种,对眼部进行额外合理,不但能放松身心,还能在飞行结束疲惫不堪时远离恼人的黑眼圈。所以从你的随身小包中取出我们的 Drops of Youth™ 极致活颜焕肤眼膜,让自己享受水疗般的护理吧。这款舒缓产品蕴含青瓜萃取及植物干细胞成分,可即时降低眼周部位温度,为疲倦双眼充电。在你入睡时,这款产品可帮助你的肌肤自我修复,令你醒来时感受肌肤的柔滑和活力。


小贴士 3:使用喷雾

在专注地观看机上电影后打个盹很舒服,但在送早餐时醒过来就很难受了。我们为你准备了卓效的快速补水保湿产品,无论你是酣睡醒来时还是感觉皮肤特别缺水时。这款小巧可爱的维生素 E 补湿凝露喷雾用途广泛,喷后瞬间感觉清凉舒缓。这款超轻便的喷雾蕴含维生素 E 和覆盆子油精华,质感清爽轻盈,随时随地为肌肤保湿。只需喷洒几下,就能让你在下飞机时容光焕发、充满活力。

The Body Shop Spa of the World™ 法国薰衣草香枕喷雾

小贴士 4:应对时差

不论是欣赏大自然的美景还是其他文化的景观魅力,我们都想充分利用旅行中的每分每秒。而时差有时就会有所阻妨碍,所以要善待自己,在第一天适应调整。随着我们飞越不同的国家/地区和不同的时区,我们身体内的生理时钟(叫做生理节律)会发生混淆,不知道现在是什么时间。是睡觉还是醒着的时间? 是现在还是晚点休息并消化? 因此,睡觉、情绪和排便之类都可能开始混乱。一登上飞机,你就可以努力趋近最终目的地的作息时间,以便尽快调整到最佳状态。在目的地的睡觉时间和吃饭时间休息和进餐。大量喝水,在走廊走动,并且伸展四肢有助于你的身体快速适应新环境。




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小贴士 1:注意防晒

不论你身在何处,都需要保护肌肤免受紫外线侵害。如果你前往热带地区在阳光下玩沙滩球数小时,或者穿着短裤背心去爬山,别忘了涂抹优质的防晒霜。你可使用我们的 Skin Defence 升级版全效透薄抗氧防晒乳 SPF 50+ PA++++。这款质地轻盈的防晒霜富含维生素 C,可让肌肤更加健康透亮。


小贴士 2:为假期做好准备

长途飞行通常意味着悠长假期,你可能会遇到想要灿烂回眸的灿烂笑容。别担心,我们为你准备了轻透水润 BB 霜 SPF30,为你及时补水,驱走旅行疲惫,带来光彩面容。健康透亮。随便抓一支保湿润唇膏,涂上明亮色彩,用我们的多功能眼影盘,画好腮红、修容、眼影、高光,呈现阳光妆容。

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小贴士 3:囤货旅行装护肤品

根据我的经验,没人在长途飞行前敢说,“我觉得行李额度肯定够用”。作为精明的旅行常客,你需要囤一些最需要的旅行装护肤品,以便为行李箱腾出空间,放置漂亮的度假服装和运动用品。带上 The Body Shop 身体润肤霜,你绝不会后悔。它能够深层滋润你的四肢肌肤,我们的乳木果身体润肤霜或者大麻籽身体润肤霜都是不错的入门产品。


小贴士 4:排毒、奢宠、放松