How to shape eyebrows

While eyebrows make shapes to express our ever-changing emotions – quizzically arching a single brow, frowning or raising in surprise – how we choose to shape them is part of the fun of self-expression. They might be subject to changing fashions going from pencil thin to tapered and back to bushy, but your brilliant brows are a big deal as one of the most defining facial features, not to mention protecting your peepers from moisture, dirt and light. Show them a little love and learn how to shape eyebrows at home with our makeup essentials and top tricks.

How to shape your eyebrows at home

In the bigger picture of your face’s makeup, your brows are pretty small, right? But different eyebrow shapes make a big impact. Consider, while they’re a bit of a supporting character among your other features, it’s no less true that when your eyebrows are beautifully shaped and well-groomed you feel more confident and look more put together, more you. Funny how the smallest of tweaks can help you feel so much more on point. All the more reason to learn how to shape your eyebrows yourself. Regardless of being thick, thin or non-existent, get yours looking exceptionally excellent with our eyebrow step by step guide.

Step 1: Define the shape

To master your grooming technique, you need to first find your perfect eyebrow shape before you pick up any tools. This all depends on where your other features sit, namely your nose and eyes. Plus, you should be using your natural eyebrow shape as a guide. After all, this is about looking like the best version of you. Comb one eyebrow with the Duo Eyebrow Brush, then hold a pencil vertically against the middle edge of your nostril, following the bone structure of your nose up to your forehead – that’s where your brow should start. Next, line up the pencil at a slant from the edge of your nostril to the outer corner of the eye – that’s where your eyebrow should end. Your most natural-looking arch would fall mid-way across your eye, following the slanted pencil from the same starting point.

Step 2: Prepare for the plucking

As you would with any other skincare routine, it’s important to prep skin before you start. In fact, around those precious peepers is a particularly delicate area so it’s even more important in your eyebrow step by step. Start off by washing your face with warm water before using our Oils of Life™ Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil on your eyebrow area. Just like any soothing spa experience, although you might go for some hair removal, a massage is never amiss. Use your pinky finger to do your own at-home mini massage on your brows, gently rubbing in the dry oil that’s enriched with three precious seed oils – black cumin oil from Egypt, rosehip oil from Chile and camellia oil from China. After using this luxurious facial oil, your skin will feel moisturised and soothed, helping relax the hair follicles and ready the brow hair to make a move.

Step 3: Use a tweezer

You’re now ready to finesse your eyebrows fret-free. How to pluck eyebrows? Recalling the shape you defined, you should pluck out the hairs that sit outside of this. Using our Slanted Tweezers, for each hair, gently hold the skin in the direction of the hair growth so it feels taut. Place the tip of the tweezer at the root of the hair, get a grip on it and pull! Remember to pluck the hair out in the direction that it’s growing, too. Ideally, you should only pluck out hairs that sit at the bottom of the brow line, as the top of the eyebrows will keep your natural shape intact. Only remove hairs above your eyebrow that really look lost and out of place. Alternate between each of your two brows as your pluck and be sure to regularly stand back at a distance to inspect the two, keeping in mind the saying – your brows should look like sisters, not twins.

Step 4: Fill in your brows

Now that you’ve got the desired shape down, it’s time to fill. Historic over-plucking or naturally barely-there brows might need a helping hand, which is where our Brow & Liner Kit comes into play. Depending on how thick the eyebrow hair is naturally, eyebrow powder helps to fill in between the hairs, helping create a more plumped-up, defined and heavenly hirsute look. How to do your eyebrows in this way? You’ll need to have our Duo Eyebrow Brush plus our Brow & Liner Kit to hand. The brow kit contains two shades of fine texture eyebrow powders, so that you can alternate between shades, creating a more natural look. Use the brush to switch between the two powder shades and build up a flawless finish. The brow kit also comes with a mini double-ended brush for on-the-go touch-ups so you can pop it in your bag for days at work and nights out alike.

Step 5: Fix eyebrows with brow & lash gel

Finally, finish the brows by using our Brow & Lash Gel to fix your newly groomed brows in place. A bit like using hair spray once you’ve finished you ‘do, or our Makeup Setting Spray once your made-up face is finished, this is a multi-tasking makeup bag saviour that helps keep everything looking immaculate and in place. Our transparent gel has a handy applicator to help smooth brows – not to mention lashes that are going sans mascara – and help tame the more unruly hairs, resulting in a more refined, defined look. Simply smooth the wand over your eyebrows in the direction of the hair growth and tease those brow hairs that need a bit of a nudge in the right direction. It helps set the shape you’ve created, whatever that might look like – whether full and fuzzy or trim and tapered.




最适合你脸型的眉毛可能是那些不会引起注意的眉毛,事实上它们会被忽视。它们只是在那里,履行它们的伟大职责,使你脸上的每一个特征看起来均衡匀称。最终,最适合你的眉毛形状取决于你的脸型,即看起来完美和谐且自然的眉形。这很容易理解,这需要看看你的大部分眉毛在哪里,这将表明你最适合的眉形。自然的眉形可能是拱形的软角或更明确的硬角,它们可能是弯的或直的,甚至是具有更柔和弯曲锥度的 S 形。在构成你漂亮脸蛋的所有特征中,你的眉毛是相当重要的,对吧?





要打造自然妆效,查看你的天然发色,因为这通常与你的眉毛相匹配。如果不完全是这样的话,也很可能是同一个色系。但是仔细看——你的头发是由很多不同色调的发丝组成的,所以你应该遵循同样的原则来处理你的眉毛,混搭色调,以创造出更自然的 3D 妆容。








3 合 1 塑型眉笔中棕色




3 合 1 塑型眉笔:眉粉、眉笔和眉毛膏

将眉粉、眉笔和眉毛膏的优点融于一个易���使用的塑型眉笔中,向你隆重介绍我们的 3 合 1 塑型眉笔。它的设计就像一支漂亮精致的笔,你永远不会想要错过它。有三个不同的末端,每一个都有其特定的作用。用眉笔描画,帮助画出自然的线条,勾勒眉形。用粉末填充毛发色度,加深眉毛色泽。最后,准备好使用有色眉毛膏增加眉毛厚重度,最终确定你的眉毛造型。






如果你不太相信,看一下你头上的头发。你的自然发色是由不同的色调组成的,而对于你的眉毛来说,也是一样的。所以,在使用彩色眉毛产品时,为了获得自然的效果,一定要使用各种不同的色调,通过层次化的色调来构建类似的 3D 色彩。







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