How to get radiant skin

Taking care of number one (that’s you) is all you really need to do to help your marvellous mug rise to its beaming brilliance. That means using our radiance enhancing skin creams and exfoliators, plus a balanced diet, exercise and dodging anything that can tip your natural luminosity towards dull skin. Like, when you’ve burnt the candle at both ends, your normally radiant skin might look tired or uneven. Nah, thanks. Happy shiny faces are what we love to see – clear, even, bright, like sunflowers dancing in the wind. Help to maintain your most luminous-looking skin yet with our must-read tips.


Your Radiant Skin Routine

If there’s anything your skin loves it’s consistency – you treat it right by washing and moisturising it morning and night. So what does that mean when it comes to upping your skin’s luminosity and helping ensure it remains even toned? Your skincare should revolve around our anti-dull skin products, naturally. Used in succession, they’ll level up your radiance-boosting routine. And over time? They’ll help your face have a more healthy-looking complexion. So follow our cleanse, illuminate and protect steps to help you see a radiant face beaming back at you when you look in the mirror. Glow, baby, glow.

STEP 1 - Cleanse

It’s a bright new day – what to do first? Cleanse, of course. Kick-start your radiant skin routine with Drops of Light™ Pure Clarifying Foam Wash to help clarify your complexion. Better yet, it doesn’t feel like the rich, creamy lather has done a runner with your skin’s moisture – your complexion will feel seriously cleansed, but also instantly smoother and strokably soft. Use every morning and evening for skin that looks more luminous with an improved texture.

STEP 2 - Illuminate

Massage 2-3 pipettes of our Drops of Light™ Pure Healthy Brightening Serum into your face at sun-up and sun-down. It helps to even out skin tone, diminish the appearance of dullness and get your complexion to luminous skin levels, as if pores are tighter and your face more translucent. Echoing this, but targeting the delicate eye area, our Drops of Light™ Pure Healthy Brightening Eye Cream absorbs quickly and helps the notoriously tricksy under-eye zone feel moisturised all day long. Gently massage around the eyes every day.

STEP 3 - Protect

Feel like you’re constantly coming a cropper against uneven skin tone on your face? Make use of our Skin Defence duo to help protect skin from the elements and UVA/B rays, known contributors to dull skin. Our Skin Defence Multi-Protection Lotion SPF 50+ PA++++ is a radiant skin cream that helps skin feel re-plumped with moisture and look healthier. Top up on the go with our Skin Defence Multi-Protection Face Mist SPF 30 PA++ – the lightweight makeup-friendly mist helps to keep skin feeling refreshed and looking luminous with an invisible finish.


保持肤色均匀的 6 个小贴士

小贴士 1:健康饮食

聪明如你,肯定知道相比单纯节食,健康饮食带来的益处更多,对吧? 不仅是你的健身教练和医生,护肤达人也同样强烈建议你:确保均衡饮食,多吃蔬菜水果,有助于肌肤保持绝佳状态,肤色更加均匀。想要肌肤焕发由内到外的光彩,建议你维持健康饮食、按时用餐。

小贴士 2:保持水分充足

如何保持肤色均匀? 只有大量饮水,才能保持皮肤的水分量。科学家表示,如果身体缺水,会反映在你的面部——皮肤暗沉,出现明显的黑眼圈和细纹等。要保持肤色均匀,建议每天喝大约 6-8 杯水。

小贴士 3:坚持锻炼

正如小贴士 1 所述,保持运动的好处众所周知,不但有利于你的四肢和肺部,也有利于你的面部肌肤。生物学概述:运动时,你的心脏会泵出更多的血液输送到全身,从而输送更多氧气和营养物质到全身细胞,同时带走细胞无需的废物。你的皮肤也会分泌出天然油分。不知不觉间,你的皮肤焕发出运动后的健康光泽。

小贴士 4:减少饮用酒精和含咖啡因饮料


小贴士 5:经常保湿

每天使用两次保湿产品是护肤的基本原则,对吧? 虽然没有拯救暗沉肌肤的万能产品,但你可以坚持护肤基本步骤,帮助预防发生突发的皮肤问题,同时保持肌肤的自然光泽。使用适合你皮肤类型和针对你皮肤问题的焕白面霜。在你主要的防晒产品外,使用附带 SPF 功能的防晒保湿霜,则效果更佳。

小贴士 6:定期去角质

想象一下,如果你任由尘垢和死皮细胞堆积在皮肤表面,那你的皮肤就会越来越暗沉无光。这也是为何你需要每周进行 2-3 次去角质,以去除死皮细胞。多久进行一次呢? 这取决于你的皮肤状态。浏览我们的面部磨砂和去角质系列,找出适合你需求的产品。


The Body Shop Skin Defence 系列

Skin Defence 全效透薄抗氧防晒乳 SPF 50+ PA++++

当我们在外奔波忙碌时,肌肤不但会受到环境污染物的刺激,还面临着 UVA 和 UVB 紫外线的伤害——这些都会令肌肤失去自然亮白光泽。使用我们的 Skin Defence 升级版全效透薄抗氧防晒乳 SPF 50+ PA++++,恢复肌肤活力,重拾亮白光彩。这款乳液蕴含提取自北大西洋的红海藻精华及维生素 C,肤感轻盈,敏感性肌肤亦适用。每天进行日常护理后涂抹适量,为暗沉肤色带来健康净白光彩。

The Body Shop Skin Defence 全效透薄抗氧系列

Skin Defence 全效透薄抗氧防晒喷雾 SPF30 PA++

如何在繁忙工作中保持肤色均匀? 欢迎使用我们的 Skin Defence 全效透薄抗氧防晒喷雾 SPF30 PA++。小巧的喷雾罐非常适合放在手提包内。这款纯素植物性面部喷雾可直接喷洒面部,让你瞬间感觉清新舒爽。这款质地超轻盈的喷雾不易致粉刺,你无需担心会堵塞毛孔,在化妆后也可安心使用。蕴含提取自北大西洋的红海藻精华及维生素 C,这款轻盈细腻的喷雾会在肌肤上形成一层隐形的保护膜而不产生黏腻感。令肌肤喝饱水分,更加健康透亮。



别忘了清理皮肤上堆积的死皮细胞,以重现健康光泽。方法? 每周使用 2-3 次人参大米焕白亮肌面膜,去除角质。这款备受赞誉的乳脂质地去角质面膜灵感启发自中国传统,蕴含来自中国的人参精华、中国大米萃取、来自社群公平贸易的芝麻油,素食主义者亦适用。在面部涂抹完面膜后,你只需躺下享受身心放松,感受活力刺激——是的,你能感受到面部的面膜正在起作用,冲洗过后可重现清爽透亮。