Sourced from Asili Natural Oils since 2018

Our Community Trade moringa seed oil is sustainably sourced from Asili Natural Oils in Rwanda. They nurture high-quality moringa seeds for farmers, who grow, handpick and use a process called ‘winnowing’ to separate the seeds from their shells. These are then naturally air-dried and cold-pressed twice to extract their nurturing oil. We’re proudly working with Asili Natural Oils because they provide a sustainable income for farmers living in the dry eastern provinces of Rwanda, where income opportunities are low. The hardy, drought resistant moringa trees, in turn, shelter their food crops, allowing them to thrive.

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Enrich our Products

Moringa seed oil has been used to protect skin for thousands of years, thanks to its rich omega 9 and behenic acid content.

Enrich our people

In 2012, Asili Natural Oils identified a market for moringa oil and reached out to local communities to try a new crop. They worked hard to build trust, transparency and friendship with their farmers, helping provide a better future for them and their families. Farming moringa is the main source of income for many farmers, since it needs little water and actively improves food crops.

Enrich our planet

Our farmers use organic methods to grow and harvest moringa, known as the ‘miracle tree’ for its beneficial properties. The naturally hardy and drought resistant tree requires little irrigation, and bees also love the nectar of the delicate moringa flowers. The canopy created by moringa trees even shelters other crops from the heat, helping them to thrive.