Enrich Planet

The world is our source of beauty, but it’s facing devastation. We actively help enrich the biodiversity where we grow our ingredients. We act and campaign to enrich and support threatened areas of outstanding natural value to the planet.


Why is this important?


Habitat loss, largely caused by farming expansion and intensive harvesting of forest products, is arguably the greatest threat to our planet’s biodiversity. This is important to us as citizens of the world, but also specifically threatens the future of key parts of our supply chain. As a business that aims to be environmentally sustainable, protecting endangered habitats is vitally important to The Body Shop

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Develop and deliver three new sustainable packaging innovations

Why is this important?

Sustainable packaging helps us and our customers to reduce the impact on the environment by consuming fewer resources during production and increasing recyclability. We will rethink how we package our products by innovating in our packaging design and materials.

Power 100% of our stores with renewable or carbon balanced energy

Why is this important?

Use of non-renewable energy that produces greenhouse gas emissions contributes to global climate change. To help tackle climate change, businesses around the world need to find renewable solutions for their energy needs, and The Body Shop is no different.

Reduce the environmental footprint of our stores every time we refurbish or redesign them

Why is this important?

Unsustainable use of raw materials contributes to the depletion of the earth’s natural resources, and the use of energy based on fossil fuels and resulting greenhouse gas emissions, such as CO2, contribute to climate change. As a global retailer, reducing the environmental impact of our stores is a key part of reducing our overall environmental footprint.

Ensure that 70% of our total product packaging does not contain fossil fuels

Why is this important?

The world’s reliance on fossil fuels cannot continue – burning them is a significant contributor to climate change. By reducing, and hopefully eventually eliminating our use of plastic made from oil. The Body Shop supports the principle of keeping fossil fuels in the ground.

Reduce by 10% the energy use of all our stores

Why is this important?

As a business with environmental sustainability at its heart, we want to jump start our global energy efficiency in the first year of our Commitment. This will help build momentum and employee engagement around our other environmental initiatives.