Glowing British Rose Big Gift Box

Body care gift setFloral fragranceVegan


Take skin to the English countryside with the refreshingly floral surprises packed inside our Glowing British Rose Big Gift Box.

Lather up with the cleansing Shower Gel and body buffing Bath Lily. Nourish skin with the richly textured, glow-enhancing Body Butter for 24hr moisture. Hydrate palms and pinkies with our Hand Cream. Spritz with the refreshingly floral Eau de Toilette.

This luxurious, bow-wrapped gift box is perfect for any occasion.

  • British Rose Shower Gel 250ml
  • British Rose Body Butter 200ml
  • British Rose Hand Cream 30ml
  • British Rose Eau de Toilette 100ml
  • Pink Bath Lily made with recycled plastic
  • Infused with the essence of English roses


  1. 淋浴,挤出适量沐浴露。
  2. 放松身心,沉浸在玫瑰和牡丹的香味中。
  3. 泡澡或淋浴时,涂抹此产品,直至充分起泡。
  4. 舒缓肌肤,感受肌肤重新焕发活力。
  5. 冲洗干净,信心满满地迎接新的一天。

How to use

Apply to the backs of the hands and rub together to distribute the cream. Use throughout the day when needed.