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  • 100% Natural Shea Butter

    商品 92415

    $ 31.00

    Our iconic Community Trade Shea Butter in its purest form has been carefully whipped to create a creamy, melting texture. It has been expertly handcrafted by Ghanaian women, who have used shea butter to  nourish dry skin and hair for generations. This moisturising, multi-purpose butter can be used on the body, hair, face and lips, inspired by Ghanaian women’s traditional beauty rituals.

    • Shea butter, 100% natural
    • Made from 192 shea nuts
    • Skin feels restored with moisture.
    • Instantly relieves & soothes the feeling of dryness, itchiness and tightness of dry, sensitive skin.
    • Skin feels nourished, softer, suppler, and smoother
    • Dry and very dry hair looks nourished and replenished.
    • Lips feel soothed
    • 100% recyclable outer-packaging
    • Suitable for dry and sensitive skin, and dry hair
    • Vegan




    我们的社群贸易乳木果油取自加纳北部,数个世纪以来当地一直使用这一原料来保护肌肤不受严酷的撒哈拉狂风伤害。我们与 Tungteiya Women’s Shea Butter Association 乳木果油协会合作,制作产品中使用的香浓乳木果油。The Body Shop 为该协会中的 528 位女士提供公平薪资,并支付奖金来资助社群项目。最早是在 1994 年由创始人 Anita Roddick 决定下单,她在此前曾造访加纳,由此发现乳木果油的天然保湿特性和生产该产品的这些非凡女性。


    Butyrospermum Parkii Butter/Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Citric Acid


    Make The Most Of It

    In its natural state, shea butter can create crystals in the pouch. Before cutting the top and squeezing shea butter from bottom to top, warm and massage the pouch in your hands until the hard butter softens. Apply shea butter on body, hair, face and lips as often as needed, or use to create a DIY recipe . Close the bag after use.