Tea Tree Purifying & Balancing Conditioner

For oily hair & scalpVegan


Refresh oily locks with our Tea Tree Purifying & Balancing Conditioner.

Certified by The Vegan Society and made with 97% ingredients of natural origin, including organically-grown Community Fair Trade tea tree oil from Kenya and Community Fair Trade organic aloe vera from Mexico, our super conditioner leaves oily hair feeling softer, lighter, healthier and restored with moisture.*

Made with Vegan Silk Protein, use this seriously refreshing conditioner as part of our 3-step Tea Tree routine to help repair hair from the inside out.*

Our conditioner also comes in bottles made with 100% recycled plastic, including Community Fair Trade recycled plastic collected off the streets of Bengaluru, India, so it does good for your do and your planet.**

*Achieved using full regime of shampoo, conditioner and scrub. Visibly repairs hair. Hair scrub coming soon. Stay tuned for availability.

**Lid not made with recycled plastic.

Read our guide to find your perfect haircare match.

  • Refreshingly light conditioner
  • Perfect for oily hair and scalp
  • Leave hair feeling softer, lighter and refreshed*
  • Leave hair feeling restored with moisture*
  • Smell seriously fresh and clean
  • Made with 97% ingredients of natural origin
  • Certified by The Vegan Society




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