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White Musk® Duo

Christmas gift setFloral body care treats

White Musk® Duo What does it do for you ?

Looking for a Christmas gift for a lover of floral fragrances? Step forward, White Musk® Duo.

Our signature scent and the first cruelty-free musk, this one has stood the test of time. Lather up with our shower gel. Spritz our fragrance mist on your pulse points, hair clothes – wherever you fancy. Notes of rose, jasmine, amber and wood will keep you smelling fresh and floral all day.

This little treat is the perfect Christmas gift for treating yourself or someone special.

  • White Musk® Fragrance Mist 100ml
  • White Musk® Shower Gel 250ml
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  1. 在沐浴或淋浴后,从头到脚喷上一些白麝香身体喷雾。
  2. 不论时间如何飞逝,都能持久飘香。
  3. 对我们的香味爱不释手? 不妨试试我们的全套白麝香身体护理系列。