Petal-Soft British Rose Pampering Essentials



Shower and moisturise in the refreshingly floral scent of English roses with our Petal-Soft British Rose Pampering Essentials. Lather up with the cleansing Shower Gel or Soap and body buffing Bath Lily. Moisturise with the fast-absorbing Body Yogurt and hydrating Hand Cream. This bow-wrapped gift box is perfect for any occasion.

  • British Rose Shower Gel 250ml
  • British Rose Body Yogurt 200ml
  • British Rose Soap 100g
  • British Rose Hand Cream 3Oml
  • Pink Bath Lily made with recycled plastic
  • Enriched with the essence of roses handpicked in England

How to use

  1. Lather up with the Shower Gel or Soap and Bath Lily.
  2. Rinse.
  3. Towel off.
  4. Moisturise with a dollop of fast-absorbing Body Yogurt.
  5. Massage our Hand Cream into hands and cuticles throughout the day to help keep skin hydrated and protected.