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White Musk® For Men Fragrance Kit

Christmas gift setFloral body care treats

White Musk® For Men Fragrance Kit 它为您做了什么?

Smell seriously good this Christmas with White Musk® for Men Fragrance Kit.

Lather up with our hair and body wash – it cleanses hair and skin, leaving you feeling refreshed, cleansed and subtly scented. Layer up the fragrance with a couple of spritzes of our eau de toilette. Roll on our anti-perspirant to stay feeling fresh and dry all day.

Notes of lavender, geranium, musk and sandalwood make this the perfect Christmas gift for lovers of aromatic, woody fragrances.

  • White Musk® For Men Eau de Toilette 100ml
  • White Musk® For Men Anti-Perspirant Deodorant 50ml
  • White Musk® For Men Hair & Body Wash 200ml