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Shake & Swish Ginger Haircare Duo

Christmas gift setGinger Shampoo and Conditioner for clearing loose flakes

Shake & Swish Ginger Haircare Duo  1 Piece 它为您做了什么?

Let your hair down this Christmas with our Shake & Swish Ginger Haircare Duo .

This confidence-boosting gift set will result in care-free hair-swishing in no time.

Lather up with our trusted Ginger Shampoo to soothe your scalp and gently clear away those loose flakes. Follow up with our Ginger Conditioner to get the full effect. They’re both made with potent ginger essential oil and, white willow and birch bark extracts. And leave you smelling invigoratingly – well, gingery.

All that’s left to do is let your hair dry the natural way. Grab the hair wrap then twist, fasten and relax.

  • Ginger Shampoo 250ml
  • Ginger Conditioner 250ml
  • Hair wrap


  1. 使用 The Body Shop 生姜头皮护理洗发露,细心呵护头皮。轻柔按摩,冲洗干净。
  2. 然后取用少量生姜头皮护理护发素。
  3. 按摩清爽、湿润发丝,细心呵护每一寸头皮。
  4. 使用 The Body Shop 解结梳,温和梳理秀发。
  5. 清洗干净后,秀发如丝般柔顺。


  1. 挤出适量的生姜抗头皮屑洗发露。
  2. 按摩发丝,直至充分起泡。
  3. 冲洗干净,并可根据个人需要重复一次。
  4. 使用这款抗头皮屑洗发露之后,搭配生姜头皮护理护发素使秀发更柔顺。



生姜,小小的根,却蕴含巨大能量。因出众的净化效果和令人愉悦的清爽气味,多年来,生姜备受传统阿育吠陀医学和科研人员推崇。 我们在清洁及净化护发系列——生姜系列中采用了生姜精油。据说生姜精油具有活化功效,因此在呵护头皮方面,备受中医青睐。

放在碗中的生姜 一位女士在洗头发