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商品 88012

$ 54.00

Show your mum how much you love her this Mother's Day. Our lovely pamper collection contains favourites plucked from our beautifully scented British Rose range. The perfect gift for Mother’s Day, it includes head-to-toe treats from our petal-soft hand cream to a plumping face mask, all with our much-loved essence of hand-picked roses.

  • 英皇玫瑰沐浴露 60ml
  • 英皇玫瑰嫩肤护手霜 30ml
  • 英皇玫瑰嫩肤身体菁华乳 50ml
  • 英皇玫瑰澎润补水面膜 75ml
  • 可作为母亲节或情人节的浪漫好礼
  • 100% 纯素




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