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我们已更新私隐声明及Love Your BodyTM Club条款及细则。详情请浏览私隐声明LYBC

我们已更新私隐声明及Love Your BodyTM Club条款及细则。详情请浏览私隐声明LYBC

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  • 迷你身体护理套装 - 英伦玫瑰

    商品 59685

    $ 69.00

    Bloom them away with our refreshing and floral Petal-Soft British Rose Treats body care gift set. Lather up with the Shower Gel. Moisturise with our richly textured, glow-enhancing Body Butter. Our duo is enriched with the essence of Community Trade roses handpicked in Herefordshire, England.

    • 英伦玫瑰沐浴露 60ml
    • 英伦玫瑰身体润肤霜 50ml
    • 蕴含来自英国的社群贸易人手采摘玫瑰精油





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