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我们已更新私隐声明及Love Your BodyTM Club条款及细则。详情请浏览私隐声明LYBC

我们已更新私隐声明及Love Your BodyTM Club条款及细则。详情请浏览私隐声明LYBC

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  • 节日限量版圣诞沐浴球

    商品 89812

    $ 49.00

    Transform your bathroom into Santa’s Grotto with our super-cute Ms. Santa Bath Lily. Our ultra-fine bath lilies will lather up your shower gel brilliantly, helping you cleanse all over and gently exfoliate your skin. This Ms. Santa Bath Lily is a special Christmas edition, so it’s a perfect little stocking filler gift. You can also use it with our special edition seasonal body care to get yourself in the festive spirit.





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