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Our bodies are capable of fantastic feats – running for the bus, dancing around handbags or the kitchen, and even (not that you’d notice) constantly regenerating skin. But when old skin cells build up, it can result in dry, dull skin. No thanks! For skin that feels smooth and refined, exfoliating does the trick, revealing softer-feeling, healthier-looking skin. And after all your body does, the bumps and blemishes it’s collected charting your life, where you’ve been and where you’re going – isn’t that just what it deserves? Find out how to use sugar scrubs, what you can expect from these body exfoliators and why these body rituals are the little bit of extra effort that goes a long way.

The Body Shop Mango Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub


Ready to buff up on these skin buffers? Body scrubs are designed with a particle-like texture through a thick, spreadable gel mixture. While the best body scrub is inherently cleansing, this texture is what gives older skin cells the heave-ho. Though our skin naturally sheds these dead cells over time, encouraging the process helps to create softer-feeling skin sooner.

Wondering about the origins of this technique? Those overachievers, the ancient Egyptians didn’t just invent the pyramids. It’s thought they were also the first people to use body scrubs thousands of years ago. They used exfoliating body scrubs infused with perfumed oils in a bid to help keep skin supple, counteracting the dry desert heat. Using body scrubs has in fact become a pretty worldwide phenomenon. So, what are you waiting for? Never mind walking like an Egyptian, it’s time to scrub like one.

With all of this history you can be sure that using a body scrub is more than just a pleasing bathroom ritual. Though, thanks to the oozing of the gel, the granular particles and the tingling feeling when you apply it, it certainly is enjoyable, creating a feeling of all-over refreshment for mind as much as body. The benefits of body scrubs are wide-reaching and have been used across cultures for a whole host of reasons. The act of massaging body scrubs into skin helps with removing old skin cells and cleaning the body, replenishing skin’s natural oils and moisture levels and the massage itself is said to help with stimulating blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Plus, many say exfoliation helps to prevent the appearance of blemishes, wrinkles and ingrown hairs, as the pores get a thorough clean. That’s particularly important if you shave or wax, as old skin cells can easily get trapped in the follicles where you’ve removed the hair if you don’t buff skin first. All in, you can expect that using an exfoliator on the regular will help to make you feel your polished best, with a more even-looking and hydrated-feeling skin tone. Doesn’t that sound like just what your brilliant body deserves?

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Perfectly prepped skin will enable your chosen textured tonic to work its magic. First up, you need to soak – either under the shower or in the bath. Skin should be damp to get the full benefit of exfoliation, not to mention a warm temperature will help to open your pores and soften the surface of your skin. You know what they say, if you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right.Side note – if you’re planning on removing any hair during the course of this scrub-down, it’s advisable to exfoliate before hair removal, so that you reduce the chances of irritation and get your razor, epilator or – insert other – hair removing tool closer to the skin’s surface.


You will need to stand up in the bath or turn off your shower for this part. Dollop a generous amount of your scrub of choice onto your damp skin. Massaging in circular motions as you go, work the body scrub across chest, tum, back, bum and all limbs. If you start at the top and work down, there’ll be a method to this treat – the exfoliating particles will have the time to set to work before you get to the last step. Don’t forget, the bathroom can be a slippery place, so take care when exfoliating the soles of your feet.


If you want to step the exfoliation up a notch, using a bath and shower accessory like our Round Body Brush or our Smooth and Renew Loofah Pad will help to increase the exfoliating and cleansing impact of the body scrub. When using these, be sure to work the product around your skin in gentle movements so as to reduce the chances of irritating skin. You might even want to finish this ritual by drawing on the principles of dry brushing and use long strokes towards the heart, a technique thought to help boost circulation.


Scrub sorted, it’s time to hop back into the bath or under the showerhead for a warm soak and to rinse off the body scrub. Repeat the massaging motions around your body, brushing off any excess exfoliating particles as you go. That’s it – you’re now an expert in how to use body scrub. Pat dry and behold – skin feels softer, cleaner and fresher. Now’s the perfect time to smooth on a well-matched moisturiser. Smooth vibes incoming.

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Now you’ve read the How-To, it’s pretty obvious using a body scrub is not likely to squeeze into your 30-minute dash out the door in the mornings. Thinking practically, that means exfoliating is not necessarily a part of your every day. Actually, body scrubs are not suitable for daily use anyway. Although our scrubs use lots of gentle ingredients, the process of exfoliation can be a touch harsh if over-done. We suggest using an exfoliating body scrub around 2-3 times a week to help keep things in balance. But reflect on you, your body’s individuality, your skin’s needs – after all, you’re the one who knows it best.

Like a good skincare routine that you tailor to your skin type, exfoliating reaps the best results when you’re aware of your body’s changing needs and tailor your products accordingly. And those needs may fluctuate day to day or season to season. So, how does this affect how often you should use scrubs? If you have acne-prone, oily skin you might need to exfoliate a little more regularly. If you’ve got drier skin, you may find that 1-2 times a week is plenty. There’s nothing wrong with a little trial and error here, so long as you’re paying attention. The skin on your body is usually much less sensitive than that on your face so you can afford to step things up a notch.

Some people say it takes three weeks to build a new habit. Brushing your teeth twice a day? A doddle. Taking your makeup before bed? Something you do on autopilot regardless of the bedtime hour (and the reason you know you’re a responsible grown-up type). Now’s the time to master this weekly body care routine by finding the best exfoliating body scrubs for you. You’re up on how often to use scrubs, but remember – only with regular use each week will you see the full benefits of this nitty-gritty skincare must. Over time you’ll find you’ve not just cleansed your skin, but helped to give older skin cells the budge and restore skin’s radiance. Set up your repeating calendar appointment now.


The Body Shop Spa of the World African Ximenia Scrub


Some of the best exfoliating body scrubs around are enriched with salt. A naturally derived resource, it’s no wonder this ingredient is regarded as an ally for our skin – just consider our connection to the ocean. More than a human longing to be near water, or women’s cycles supposedly being linked to the tides, in fact, all of our bodies have the same minerals and nutrients that are found in seawater. Recapture the calm that comes over most of us when we’re near the sea and massage the naturally occuring salt grains into skin for an invigorating-feeling scrub. Salt particles are the perfect size and shape to vamoose old skin cells from the skin’s surface, leaving limbs looking fresher and feeling smoother.

The Body Shop Mango Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub


Your dentist may warn you off it, but we’re here to tell you sugar is great for you! On your skin, that is. As one of nature’s best-kept beauty secrets, the best sugar scrubs do wonders for skin in need of a softening scrub-down. Due to its smaller size and structure than salt, sugar is more gentle on skin that needs a little extra care. Our richly exfoliating sugar scrubs are enriched with oils and extracts as well as the actual particles from organic cane sugar.

The Body Shop Strawberry Softening Body Polish


In need of the most soft-touch scrub around? Or perhaps you’re just a multi-tasking sort of person. Enter our Body Polishes. These formulations have a gel-like texture and a gentler touch when it comes to the exfoliating granules. That means these exfoliating body scrubs feel super soothing on skin. There’s still plenty of tiny particles inside to gently nudge away old skin cells, but they’re balanced with luxurious oils, helping to balance the microscopic scrubbing action with calming hydration. Due to this nifty little formula’s nature, the Body Polishes can also be easily applied and are suitable as a daily wash. No need to use two separate products? That makes our Body Polishes perfect for skin in need of soothing, mad-cap morning dashers or even holiday packers.

Our Best Body Scrubs For Your Skin

The Body Shop African Ximenia Scrub in shower

For Softening - Ximenia

After supremely soft-to-touch skin? Our Spa of The World™ African Ximenia Scrub is just the exfoliating body scrub to help get you there. It’s formulated with oil from Ximenia fruit seeds, which are hand-picked in Namibia, alongside tiny particles that gently exfoliate as the rich and luxurious scrub is massaged into skin. You’ll think you’ve been transported to the spa.

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For Exfoliating - Mango

Desperately seeking deep exfoliation with all the benefits of sugar scrubs? For an invigorating clean, not to mention smell, our Mango Exfoliating Body Scrub is a hard-working formula, enriched with rich mango seed oil, and loaded with sugar grains to lift old skin cells from the surface and leave skin feeling smoother and refined. The tropical scent is just the, er, cherry on top.

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For Revitalising - French Grape Seed

Want to wake up before you go-go? Say hello to our Spa of the World™ French Grape Seed Scrub.Our formula of organic cane sugar meets grape seed powder and all sorts of other good things to awaken the senses and help to revive the appearance of skin. Smell that delicately fruity fragrance and massage in this sugar scrub. Your skin will thank you for its revitalised feel.

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For Soothing - Almond Milk & Honey

A classic duo in our arsenal, with good reason. Our oh-so-indulgent Almond Milk & Honey Exfoliating Cream Scrub will have you smiling like the cat that’s got the Spanish almond milk. It’s ideal for dry/sensitive skin with a hypoallergenic fragrance and gentle scrub particles for a light touch exfoliation. Skin is left feeling nourished and softly buffed.

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Renowned for its hydrating talents in the face of dry skin, we’re here to put the spotlight on this super scrub. Oh, and did we mention it’s vegan? Tick, tick. This scrub is enriched with organic virgin coconut oil from our Community Fair Trade partner in Samoa. It’s the perfect tropical treat to help smooth and refine skin.

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The Body Shop Olive Exfoliating Body Scrub


Normal to dry skin types listen up. This vegan body scrub feels pleasingly nourishing, and is enriched with Italian Community Fair Trade organic olive oil. With its delicately Mediterranean scent and gorgeous green colour, using this exfoliating scrub will be a treat, leaving in its wake skin that feels smoothed and refined.

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The Body Shop Shea Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub


A highlight amongst our best sugar scrubs. Our Community Fair Trade partners in Ghana have been extolling the virtues of shea butter for years, and no doubt you’ll soon see what they’re on about. Loaded with smoothing sugar particles and a subtle nutty fragrance, massaging this into your thighs, tum, and the rest as part of your weekly body care routine will feel ever so luxurious.

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The Body Shop Spa of the World Brazilian Cupuacu Scrub-in-Oil


The Amazon is home to some of the most amazing natural wonders, not to mention cupuaçu nuts. We use this precious nut oil in our formula for our Brazilian Scrub-in-Oil alongside fine salt crystals to create the most blissful body routine. Let the scrub set to work on helping to refine the skin, while also helping to leave behind a highly indulgent smoothed feeling on skin.

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