Sourced from Ya Munts’I B’ehña since 1992

Our Community Trade Cactus Mitts come from the Mezquital Valley in Hidalgo state, in central Mexico. We work with a cooperative named Ya Munts’I B’ehña (meaning ‘women working together’) of 250 indigenous Nanhu women. The women use ancient Aztec production techniques to create the mitts. In a culture where women can experience discrimination due to their ethnicity and gender, involvement with this co-operative has greatly improved their status. Membership of Ya Munts’I B’ehña has increased their self-esteem as well as giving them economic independence that allows them to buy essentials such as food, clothing and school materials for their children.

Enrich our products

The Maguey cactus is native to Mexico. The Nanhu producers hand-cut, dry and spin the plant fibres into thread, which is then knitted to create our natural cactus mitts – perfect for providing gentle skin exfoliation.


Enrich our people

ndigenous women can face discrimination and inequality, but working with this cooperative has given them a voice in the community and improved their financial independence, self-esteem and social status.

Enrich our planet

From planting the seed to the finished Cactus Mitt, the Nanhu women complete each stage by hand using ancient Aztec methods. The cooperative is also funding water storage tanks, family gardens and training on environmental issues.