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1. Controlling and Deleting Cookies
It is not the policy of The Body Shop International to collect personally identifiable information about our site users through the use of cookies. To prevent cookies generated from our site reaching your device, you will be able to restrict them or block them using your browser settings. Use the ‘Help’ function on your browser for information on how to do this. To delete or restrict cookies on your mobile phone device, refer to your handset manual. Please be aware that your actions to restrict or delete cookies may affect the functionality of The Body Shop website. For more information on cookies and how to restrict or delete them, visit


2. The Body Shop First-Party Cookies
Below is a list of the main cookies set by The Body Shop website.

Cookie-name Purpose of cookie


A session cookie that runs till the session is currently active on a particular browser


Contains the count of products in the basket and It is displayed on the top right corner


Contains Webpage Session ID. Used to remember a session started by the user. This helps in remembering the user actions performed during a particular session. For example, search of products performed. Using this cookie allows the site to navigate back to the search results page.


This cookie determines if the Free Shipping Promotion should be displayed or not


This cookie determines if a user visiting the site is a new user or an existing user  (based on his or her previous login action)


This cookie contains the information of previously viewed Products


This cookie displays the SKU IDs of the products added to the basket. This cookie is visible on all the other pages except the basket page


This cookie determines if the user is logged in and allows the user to be signed in to his or her account once they have logged in


This cookie determines the details of logged in user with the information of products selected by user.


CyberSource uses cookies solely to maintain personalized services throughout the website. It collects information in an anonymous form by using a unique identifier.  This cookie expires when you close your browser. BIGipServeroderpage expires after two hours.


These cookies are used to track user interaction with the site - which pages they navigate, which links they click, etc.



3. Third-Party Cookies for UK Users

The Body Shop uses suppliers who set their own cookies on our website with our permission to enhance customer experience and functionality and to deliver the services that they are providing. For more information about this type of cookie and the possibilities to opt-out, refer to their individual privacy policies below.

Cookie name Description of cookie


Cookies of TagMan/Levexis. Tagman provides tracking services

More info on Tagman, their cookies are and how to control them


TradeDoubler uses cookies to track advertiser sales and leads. These cookies are used are identified at the order page to credit for referred sales. Information like who clicked on a link weeks, or months before finally purchasing or making a repeat purchase, is all captured by these cookies

More info on TradeDoubler, their cookies are and how to control them


Cookies set by Struq for relevant advertising depending on the interest

More info on Struq, their cookies are and how to control them


Cookie of (a subsidiary of Google that develops and provides Internet ad serving services)


Cookie set by for dynamic advertising solution that offers pre-targeting and retargeting

More info on Adgenie, their cookies are and how to control them


Cookies set by used to track the user actions, the links they click on, as they go from site to site, surfing the Web.

More info on Appnexus, their cookies are and how to control them


Cookie of Collects the name of the products viewed by the customer
More info on Turn, their cookies are and how to control them


Google Analytics. These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use our site. We use the information to compile reports and to help us improve the site. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the site, where visitors have come to the site from and the pages they visited.
More info on Google, their cookies are and how to control them


A persistent cookie set by Google Maps applications.
More info on Google, their cookies are and how to control them


Adobe Analytics. Analytics uses cookies to anonymously define new visitors, help analyze clickstream data, and track historical activity on the website, such as response to particular campaigns or the length of the sales cycle. More info on Adobe, their cookies are and how to control them

4 Flash Cookies: Local Shared Objects
To deliver its video content services, the Body Shop uses Adobe Flash Player. For the comprehensive user experience, Local Shared Objects, also known as Flash Cookies, provide a variety of features, for example, the ‘save preferences’ function and ‘auto-resume’. Though the Flash Cookies will be stored on your terminal, you will be unable to restrict or delete them in your browser settings in the same way as ordinary cookies.

Before you disable this type of cookie, be aware that restrictions you apply may affect the features available to you for Flash-based applications. Check the Adobe website for information on how to delete or disable Flash cookies at

5. Cookies Set by Third-Party Sites
The Body Shop occasionally embeds picture and video content from websites like YouTube. Consequently, if you visit a page with embedded-content cookies, you may be presented with such cookies from these websites. This type of cookie cannot be disseminated by us, so you will need to check the relevant third-party website for information.


6. The Body Shop Sharing Tools
The Body Shop website carries embedded ‘share’ buttons which enable site users to share articles via social networks. Social network sites may set cookies on your terminal when you are logged in to their service. The Body Shop does not control the dissemination of these cookies, so you will need to check the relevant third party website for information about this type of cookie.