Meet Yoshi

The Pup with a Mission to End Animal Testing

Yoshi is a Japenese Chin, also known as the Japanese Spaniel, who has become the beloved mascot of the New York City team here at The Body Shop. His upbeat personality and playful intelligence fit perfectly with our culture, and we get the sense he likes us too—probably because he gets so much attention when he comes to the office! Yoshi loves peanut butter, dressing up with his Forever against Animal Testing bandana, and doing photo-shoots.


Hey Body Shoppers, Yoshi here! Did you know that 80% of countries don’t have laws against animal testing? Join me in signing the petition to ban animal testing in cosmetics…. Help Yoshi’s friends!



Our Community Trade Program

Community Trade is at the heart of our business. Since 1987, we’ve been sourcing quality ingredients and accessories from expert producers across the world and enriching economically vulnerable communities. We strive to give our support and sustained trade to the people who need it most. Like to know more? Have a peek at these 15 fun facts about Community Trade and join us in celebrating 30 incredible years of giving power to the people.