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We’re committed to plant-based goodness, which is why we got chatting to our team members to share their secrets on a vegan lifestyle. Have something to share, let us know at @TheBodyShopUSA.

Faith is an intern at The Body Shop HQ:

‘I started working with The Body Shop’s Marketing team about a year ago. I was ecstatic to accept the position as the brand is cruelty-free and offers so many great vegan products. I went vegetarian when I was 12 and 3 years ago decided to go vegan. I love learning about how veganism benefits animals, the environment and my health.’


We asked: what is your favourite vegan TBS product, and why?

Faith says: “I love the Matcha Pollution Clearing Mask because it makes my skin feel extra clean and soft and isn’t harsh on my skin. I also live in New York City and I know there’s a lot of pollution here. Anything that I can do to combat that is an A++ in my book!”

We asked: what was your reason for becoming vegan?

Faith says:” I originally began researching veganism because I knew how beneficial it was to animals. But as I continued to do my research I started learning how great it was for the environment and also my health.”

We asked: What’s your favourite thing about being vegan?

Faith says: “My favorite part about being vegan is that I know that I’m doing my part by reducing my carbon footprint and also saving the lives of hundreds of animals which honestly feels pretty great. I also love the community of people that come along with being vegan.”

We asked: What's the most unexpected benefit of being vegan that you've experienced?

Faith says: “It’s really true when people say they have so much more energy! Before being vegan I found myself feeling very lethargic all of the time but after going vegan that isn’t the case anymore.

I’m from New York and I live a very hectic lifestyle – I’m always up to something. I physically can’t afford to be worn down. I have to feel my best every day to continue what I love doing.

I’ve also notice a drastic change in my skin. Throughout college I had horrible acne and tried so many things to get rid of it – I was really insecure about it. As soon I went vegan, I noticed my skin began to clear up which was also a huge confident booster for me.”

We asked: Are you proud to be vegan? If so, why?

Faith says: “Of course! When people ask me why I don’t eat dairy and I tell them about all the horrible things that go on in the dairy industry, it’s really rewarding to be able to educate them on the topic. I used a website to calculate how many animals I’ve saved after being vegetarian for 8 years and vegan for 3 years and I’ve saved 2,712 animals so far! I’ve also saved 35,181 pounds of carbon!”

We asked: Do you have any advice for people who want to go vegan?

Faith says: “I would start off by watching a few documentaries. Some of my faves are Forks Over Knives, Cowspiracy and Earthlings. I also follow a lot of bloggers and YouTubers who are vegan. This helps give me meal inspiration and teaches me a lot of things I didn’t know about being vegan!
• You don’t have to go vegan overnight (although you may want to after watching some documentaries), small steps is key.
• Cut out one thing at a time but keep in mind that your end goal is becoming vegan.
• And don’t ever worry about missing out on great food! There are SOO many vegan alternatives to the food you love!”

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