mother's day gift ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Shop gifts for mothers everywhere - whoever they may be. The stepmoms, the grandmothers, the foster moms and everyone else who mothers.

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Model holding a smart phone with a Mother's Day gift card on the screen

Mother’s Day gift cards

Don’t turn up your nose at the humble gift card. These babies are the perfect last-minute gift. You can buy and send them instantly, and they guarantee that moms and mom-figures will get something they truly want (not that they wouldn’t appreciate that cordless impact drill you’ve got your eye on).

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Model in bubble bath

Body care gifts

All that dancing, chasing, and hugging. If there’s anyone who deserves to soak in the tub or to give her skin some love - it’s mom. Check out our range of body-loving gifts for a quick pick-me-up or a full home spa treatment.

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Spa of the World range

Spa Gifts

A little bit of pampering goes a long way. And our range of spa and pampering gifts is here for all your favorite people to enjoy. Your mom will love a good at-home spa day with our amazing Spa of the World™ products.

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Mother and daughter applying a face mask

Skincare gifts

Believe it or not, those worry lines on mom’s face used to look a lot less worried. Time to give them a day off with some self-care favorites like our nature-inspired face masks, refreshing washes and toners and hydrating moisturizers.

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White Musk fragrance on a dressing table

Fragrance gifts

Whoever they are, wherever they come from, all mothers appreciate the gift of fragrance. Particularly the delicate, calming bouquet of our best-selling, iconic White Musk®, with its notes of amber, rose, jasmine and warm spice.

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mothers day gift ideas

To all those who mother

Motherhood has nothing to do with biology. It’s all about lessons learned, laughs shared and secrets confided (and sometimes Yoda-like patience). Show them you care this year with a gift from The Body Shop. Nothing says “Thanks for putting up with my moody teenage phase” like a moment to themselves for some self-care.

British Rose gift set on a white table

Mothers love british rose

Our best-selling, well-loved British Rose gifts are perfect for any motherly figure. Softly scented and infused with organic rose petals, rose essence and rosehip oil, and we’re yet to find a mother figure who doesn’t appreciate roses.

Model placing a face mask into a bespoke gift bag

Create Your Own Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Every relationship is slightly different, and every gift should be different, too. Instead of closing your eyes and pointing blindly, build a bespoke gift pack with thoughtful goodies from The Body Shop. We'll help you pick the perfect mix of scents, products and textures for that special someone - whoever they might be.