Our step-by-step guide for keeping your hands clean and refreshed.

Our step-by-step guide for keeping your hands clean and refreshed.

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It’s always been important to take care of our hands. But in today’s world, it’s crucial to make sure they’re clean, even while we’re on the move.

But washing our hands should never feel like a chore. That’s why our hand care range is full of luxurious goodies that make caring for your hands a real treat. From fruity and refreshing to nutty and nourishing, our hand care range has something for every preference. And don’t worry if your hands are feeling a little dry from it all, we have treats for that too.

Here’s our routine for keeping your hands clean and fresh.

Hand Washing


This is the first and most important step to keeping your hands clean. Picking the right hand wash for your needs and skin type is key for making sure your hands are cared for properly. Our range of hand washes and soaps are perfect for keeping your hands fresh, while their conditioning ingredients give your hands that little bit of TLC. Whether you prefer a pump wash or soap bar, our hand washes have got you covered.

And if you’re unsure on how to properly wash your hands, check out our ultimate guide on how to wash hands and get those pinkies squeaky clean.


Tea Tree Hand Wash

For Purifying

Our powerfully purifying Tea Tree Hand Wash is made with Community Fair Trade tea tree oil from Kenya and helps wash away bacteria, leaving your hands feeling super fresh.

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Shea hand cream

For Conditioning

Our conditioning Shea Hand Wash is made with Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana and helps to clean and nourish your hands without leaving them feeling dry.

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For Uplifting

Our zesty and uplifting Pink Grapefruit Hand Wash not only cleans and refreshes your hands but leaves them smelling super citrusy and irresistible after every wash.

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British Rose hand wash

For Softening

Our best-loved British Rose Soap comes with a classic, soft scent and leaves your hands feeling petal-soft. Massage into your hands to clean and stimulate your skin.

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What's better than soap and water?

There’s nothing like a good old bar of soap to leave your hands feeling fresh and squeaky-clean. Our soaps lather up nicely to leave hands feeling cleansed and soft. Try our new soap bar from our refreshing Tea Tree range.

Tea Tree Soap Bar
Hand cream


Washing your hands can often leave them feeling dry. Treat them to some rich moisture with one of our loving hand creams. They’re the perfect size for popping in your bag so that you can keep them feeling intensely hydrated all day long and looking their best. Our range offers both fruity fragrances and citrusy scents so that your hands smell as fresh as they feel. Find the perfect scent for you and slather all over your hands for instant moisture.


hemp hand cream

For Dry Skin

Our hardworking Hemp Hand Protector is perfect for very dry skin. It’s made with Community Fair Trade hemp seed oil and is extremely rich and creamy for super soft feeling hands.

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Almond Milk Hand cream


Our Almond Milk & Honey Hand Cream is gentle enough for sensitive skin. Made with organic almond milk, it’s soothing and softening, great for on-the-go moisture.

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Shea hand cream


Our Shea Hand Cream is for when your hands need that extra bit of nourishment. It’s made with Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana and is also light and non-greasy.

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British Rose hand cream


Our British Rose Hand Cream does what it says on the tube – leaves your hands feeling petal soft. It also leaves them lightly fragranced with our classic British Rose scent.

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Lemon hand sanitizer

Step 3: protect

It’s important to be able to cleanse your hands while you’re on-the-go. Thankfully, our Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers are here to help. They contain 64.7% alcohol with purifying properties and help kill 99.9% of many common bacteria. They’re also vegan and a perfect handy size so that you can pop them in your bag or pocket for rinse-free cleansing wherever, whenever.


Blueberry hand sanitizer


Enjoy a totally fruity and refreshing scent with our Blueberry Hand Sanitizer.

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Lemon range


If you like the zesty scent of citrus, our Lemon Hand Sanitizer is perfect.

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Hand care accessories


Want to show your nails an extra bit of lovin’? Our Almond Nail and Cuticle Oil is made with sweet almond oil and Community Fair Trade shea butter to help condition nails and cuticles. Or if you’re wanting to give your nails some shape and a bit of shine, choose our Gentle Nail File and Nail Polishing Block to tidy up your edges and ridges for that lovely, mani-looking finish.

Lemon hand care routine

We’ve put together an easy routine to keep those palms and pinkies feeling clean with our new purifying and protecting Lemon range.

  1. Squirt a dollop of our Lemon Purifying Hand Wash on to your hands and lather up. Wash off with water.

  2. Dry your hands and squirt some Lemon Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer into your palm. Rub hands together, making sure to get it between the fingers and the back of the hands. Allow to dry. Repeat.

  3. Apply our Lemon Protecting Hand & Body Lotion into your palms. Gently massage into your hands.