Around the world we are well and truly in the center of a glow up revolution. Some beauty trends will come and go with the seasons, while others become a staple in our daily routines. We’re keen to find out where in the USA prefers natural bushy eyebrows to threaded, and where opts for a natural pink blush versus a summery bronzed glow, and how these trends vary from state to state and country to country. By analyzing hundreds of beauty-related Google searches we’ve uncovered the most searched for beauty trends in the US and across the world. From haircare and bodycare to skincare and makeup, read on to discover the most searched for beauty trends at home and overseas.

'Natural glam make up’ is the 2020 must-have beauty look in the US. The state of Michigan (+154%), Arizona (+146%) and Texas (+145%) have seen the biggest increases in searches for this trend between 2019 and 2020. When it comes to eyebrow shape, having straight eyebrows is the 2020 eyebrow style of choice across the US, with an increase in searches of +129% since 2017. Arizona and New Mexico lead the way for this on-fleek trend against all other states.

49,150 US searches for natural glam makeup Woman's face
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Keep reading to discover the most searched for beauty trends around the world in 2020.

Top Natural beauty trends around the world


It seems short hair is having its moment in 2020. Our research shows that people around the world are ready for a drastic trim. Based on our findings, the most searched for natural beauty trend around the world is ‘short hair styles’ with over 1.4 million searches a month. Brits are the keenest to chop off their locks, searching the most for this hairstyle above any other country.

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It’s not just the UK who are making drastic changes, Guyana and Germany have a love for short hair too. Searching the most for ‘boycut hair style’ (735,190 monthly global searches), and ‘bob haircut’ (286,430 monthly global searches). Eyebrow trends also make two appearances in the top 10 beauty trends list. ‘Eyebrow threading’ is the most popular natural technique to keep brows in shape, reaching 311,860 global searches per month, led by searches in the United States.

Check out the top glow up trends by US state in the map below, then scroll down to find out which are the most searched for beauty terms per continent.

Top glow up trends in the United States


Searches for ‘men’s eyebrow slits’ have seen the biggest increase in New Jersey over the last year (+471%), while Vermont saw a +200% increase in searches for natural and fluffy ‘soft brows’.

After short haircuts, ‘natural red hair color’ is the second favorite trend across the country, seeing the biggest increase in 12 out of 50 states, including Indiana (+453%), Pennsylvania (+435%) and Missouri (+410%).

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Winged eyeliner will always be a staple makeup trend, but it looks like ‘pastel eyeliner’ is on the rise with huge search increases seen in 7 out of 50 states. Our research reveals South Carolina (+700%) and Iowa (+600%) as the trend setters for pastel-perfect eye makeup in 2020.

'Natural pink lips’ top as the favorite lip color in the US, beloved by 4 out of 50 states. Over the last year, North Dakota and Idaho have gone pink lip crazy with a +700% and +400% increase in Google searches respectively.

We know that your complexion is based on more than the trend of the moment, as it is individual for every person. That said, West Virginia has seen a +300% increase for ‘matte skin’ as they appear to favor a matte finish over a dewy glow.

The top beauty trends in the Americas


We’ve already seen that short hair is the biggest beauty trend globally, and this is reflected in the United States too! Out of all of North and South America, the US is the country with the most searches per capita for ‘short hair styles’.

When it comes to keeping skin looking healthy and youthful Paraguay, Costa Rica and the United States are searching the most to keep their skin looking firmer.

Maintaining that sun-kissed look is next on our agendas, with ‘spray tans’ ranking sixth in the top 10 beauty trends across the Americas combined. The US are most keen to stay bronzed all year round, followed by our Canadian neighbors.

The top beauty trends in Europe


Hello there, cheekbones! From ‘boycut hair style’ to ‘bob haircut’, it seems that European countries are framing their glow up around their bone structures, with the United Kingdom and Germany searching the most for this beauty trend.

‘False lashes’ is another beauty trend that has a high number of searches in Europe, with Hungarians searching the most to get this dramatic beauty look.

Glamourous Monaco is chasing the sun-kissed look, searching the most for ‘bronzer’, followed by Germany, whose residents appear to also be keen to achieve a golden glow all year round.

The top beauty trends in Asia


Short hair styles’ tops the list (again) in Asia totaling up 164,200 searches per month and is favored the most in Singapore. This is followed by the Philippines, where we’ve seen a 60% increase in people searching for ‘short hair styles’.

Male grooming is on the rise in Asian countries. People living in Singapore are searching the most for ‘face wash for men’, which saw an increase of 85%, followed next by Japan with +56%.

Regardless of gender, everyone can enjoy the feel-good factor of skincare and makeup, and it seems that people living in Japan are embracing this, as Japan is the country searching the most for ‘makeup for men’ per capita.

The top beauty trends in Africa


People living in South Africa are letting their natural beauty shine by searching the most per capita for ‘natural makeup looks’, with an increase of 88% since 2019.

When it comes to achieving a sculpted and dewy complexion, Gabon is searching the most per capita for ‘how to contour face’ and ‘how to get natural glowing skin’.

The top 10 beauty trends in Oceania


Seven out of 10 of the top natural beauty trends in Australia and New Zealand are related to maintaining their beautiful locks or staying on trend with the latest hairstyles.

Aussies favor ‘short hair styles’, while Kiwis are searching for 'hairstyles for long hair’ the most, seeing an increase of 95% from 2019 to 2020.

‘Eyebrow tinting’ is the most popular eyebrow trend Down Under, with ‘spray tans’ and ‘caring for stretch marks’ also appearing in the top 10.

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  • We analyzed existing beauty reports to discover the beauty trends (such as Mintel) with the biggest growth in popularity year on year.

  • We used Google Keyword Planner to find the most searched for global beauty trends based on keyword volumes from July 2017 to June 2020.

  • We translated these keywords into the local language for each country included, then pulled country-level volumes for the same time frame. We also pulled keyword volumes on a US state level.

  • Country and state populations were included in analysis to draw representative insights (per capita).