Looking for something that’ll love and nourish your skin like never before? You’ve come to the right place. No matter your skin type – sensitive or ultra-dry – our Body Butters have got your back (and your arms and legs). Read our guide to find the best Body Butter for your skin type. Then get ready to slap on a big, fluffy scoop and spread love all around.

Our Body Butters are now better than ever

Superior Nourishment

There's 96hr moisture packed into every tub. Just scoop and slather on to help skin feel moisturized all day without feeling greasy or sticky.

Natural-origin Ingredients

Each tub boasts at least 95% natural-origin ingredients, including Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana. All our new Body Butters are even registered by The Vegan Society.

Sustainable tubs

Our new packaging is made with aluminum lids and 100% recycled plastic tubs. That means there's 241 tons less virgin plastic in the environment every year. Cool, huh?

Selection of Body Butters with the lids off

What is a body butter?

Body Butters are rich, creamy concoctions that can be slathered onto skin as sparingly or as generously as you like. They help nourish, smooth, and soften your skin from top to toe.

Our very first Body Butter was launched in 1992 after The Body Shop founder, Dame Anita Roddick, discovered how the women in Ghana have used shea butter to nourish dry skin for generations. Since then, we’ve enriched every tub of Body Butter with this legendary ingredient.

Our new Body Butters are now made with 95% natural origin ingredients (sometimes even more!) and deliver 96 hours of nourishing moisture, making them the ultimate treat for when your skin needs that extra bit of love. And since we’re all about rich, buttery feels over here, your skin will never be left feeling greasy or sticky.

Grab a big, fluffy scoop and slap it on thick. Spread the butters. Spread love.


Body Butter is for all bodies. So it was really important to us to represent that and spread equality all through our campaign. It’s a celebration featuring bodies of all types. Plus, we pushed for a majority female crew to lift up women in a male-dominated industry. We’re using our media to spread our influence by collaborating with and featuring TikTok’s unsung dance creators in our film.



It was important for us to collaborate with and recognize the real creators of TikTok’s most viral dance moves. So we worked with @sunjaiw, @layzchipz, and @tracy.oj on a dance for the new Body Butter. They blew us away with the #SpreadLoveScoop. Head to our TikTok for the moves, behind-the-scenes fun, and exclusive interviews.

Body Butters for Normal Skin

Skin not quite on the dry side but could do with a dose of moisture? Our Body Butters for normal skin have a beautifully creamy texture making them perfect for your skin type.

Strawberry body butter against beige background


Our Strawberry Body Butter is enriched with strawberry seed oil and Community Fair Trade shea butter. The delicious scent of wild strawberry is fresh and sweet.

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British rose body butter against beige background

British rose

Come up roses with our British Rose Body Butter, enriched with moisturising Community Fair Trade shea butter. This one smells of a powerful, dewy English rose in full bloom. Dreamy.

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Pink grapefruit body butter against beige background

Pink Grapefruit

Add some zest to your routine with our Pink Grapefruit Body Butter. Infused with grapefruit seed oil and Community Fair Trade shea butter and with a fresh and zingy scent.

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Satsuma body butter against beige background


Want something super fruity? Pick up our Satsuma Body Butter. Enriched with Community Fair Trade shea butter, with heavenly moisture and a glorious citrus scent.

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Body Butters for Dry Skin

If your skin is on the slightly dry side and needs a good slathering of moisture, our Body Butters for dry skin are just the ticket. With a rich texture, they’re ideal from the feet up.

Avocado Body Butter


With a superbly creamy texture, our Avocado Body Butter is a great choice for dry skin. It’s enriched with Hass avocado oil and Community Fair Trade shea butter.

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Mango body butter


Our Mango Body Butter is the perfect buddy for dry skin. It’s enriched with Community Fair Trade mango seed oil and delivers a ripe and juicy scent.

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Moringa body butter


Our florally scented Moringa Body Butter is enriched with Community Fair Trade moringa seed oil. Its fresh scent makes it a perfect everyday Body Butter.

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Body Butter for Dry, Sensitive Skin

We have just the trick for dry, sensitive skin. Hint: it’s moisturising and richly creamy. Grab a tub of this soothing Body Butter and give your skin that extra bit of TLC.

Model scooping body butter from tub

Almond milk

Dry, sensitive skin? Our Almond Milk Body Butter is made just for you. Slather it on to leave your skin feeling soothed and softened with moisture.

Body Butters for Very Dry Skin

Our Body Butters for very dry skin boast intensely rich textures that have been perfectly blended to help soothe and soften your skin type. And they feel oh-so good while doing it.

Shea Body Butter


Our Shea Body Butter is a bestseller around the world – and for good reason. It’s intensely rich and nourishing and made with Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana.

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Coconut body butter


Our Coconut Body Butter is enriched with Community Fair Trade organic virgin coconut oil from Samoa and smells like tropical sandy beaches and coconut lined shores. Heavenly.

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Argan body butter


Our Argan Body Butter is enriched with precious argan oil and boasts a warm and creamy scent with a hint of the exotic. Extra nourishing for very dry skin, it’s no surprise it’s a cult fave.

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Olive body butter


Our Olive Body Butter is enriched with Italian Community Fair Trade organic olive oil. It’s great for very dry skin and lends a gorgeous and delicate Mediterranean scent.

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Body Butter for Ultra-Dry Skin

Skin crying out for some serious nourishment? Don’t fear – we’ve got a super nourishing, incredibly hardworking Body Butter perfect for ultra-dry skin.

Hemp Body Butter with the lid off


Our hardworking Hemp range is here to help calm things down when skin is a little stressed out – whether that’s dry patches or extra rough bits. Grab a tub of our Hemp Body Butter and slather it over your dry bits, especially your knees and elbows as they need extra TLC. It sinks right in and helps love and nourish your skin like never before.

Model scooping Body Butter from tub
Model scooping Body Butter from tub

“Our Body Butters have been around for nearly 30 years. That’s 30 years of helping you nourish and connect with every inch of that beautiful body. Now, they're better than ever. Just grab a tub and go love your body like never before.”

Phoebe Woods

Global Bath & Body Brand Manager At The Body Shop