Sourced from Norfolk Essential Oils (NEO) since 2001

Did you know that chamomile has been used for therapeutic purposes for thousands of years? Known to soothe sensitive skin, chamomile makes an effective anti-irritant and works for all skin types. We work with Norfolk Essential Oils in the UK to source the chamomile essential oil, for our products, from a collection of family farms.

Chamomile flowers.

Enrich our products

Chamomile flowers are cut fresh from the fields and distilled to create a naturally blue-green chamomile essential oil. Our Chamomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover contains the essence of 125 chamomile flowers in each bottle!

Enrich our people

It is difficult for small farms to compete with larger industrial style agribusiness. Norfolk Essential Oils gave local farmers much-needed stability by introducing them into a new market – the beauty industry.

Enrich our planet

Small farms are important for maintaining our landscape with different crops. Farmers at Norfolk Essential Oils act as stewards for the environment and the farms preserve over 3,000 acres of British landscape.