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Vitamin C Giddy Glow Kit

Skincare gift setGive dull skin a little glow

Vitamin C Giddy Glow Kit 1 Piece
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$29 Value

Get skin glowing with this Vitamin C Giddy Glow Kit.

Smooth on a small dollop of our Vitamin C Glow Revealing Liquid Peel to help remove impurities and dead skin cells to reveal healthy-looking skin. Follow with our sheet mask to give skin a healthy, happy glow in just 15 minutes. It also leaves your skin feeling instantly awakened, hydrated and pampered.

Made with vitamin C-rich camu camu berry extract from Peru, this gift set makes the perfect little pick-me-up for any occasion.

Vitamin C Liquid Peel 4.9 FLOZ
Vitamin C Sheet Mask 0.6 OZ


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Vitamin C Giddy Glow Kit

How To Use

  1. This sheet mask will help to reveal natural-looking glow of your skin in just minutes. <br />< br /> Wash and tone your face before you apply the sheet mask, so your skin is ready to absorb its nourishing ingredients. <br /> Carefully unfold the mask from its packet and smooth it onto your skin, starting from the forehead. Press down any creases into your skin so that the mask is covering as much area as possible. <br /> After minutes, peel off the sheet mask and massage any remaining liquid into your skin using your fingertips. <br /> Use the face mask up to twice a week for awakened, hydrated and healthier skin. <br /> For best results, use with our Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturizer .

How to use

  1. Squirt two pumps of our Vitamin C Liquid Peel onto your fingertips and massage into clean, dry skin. Getting it around the eyes or mouth is a no-no!
  2. Continue the fun of massaging it in for 20 seconds until soft, squidgy noodles start to form and peel off.
  3. Rinse it all away for the most refreshing feeling. Ahhh. And if you see any tough bits still hanging around then use a Muslin Cloth with our Vitamin E Hydrating Toner to sweep them off.

Pop this on 2-3 times a week for best results.

Community Fair Trade organic aloe vera

Naturally soothing on easily upset skin

Aloe vera is known for being ultra-gentle and soothing on skin. It’s helped us formulate our Aloe range to handle sensitive skin with kid gloves.

It’s a naturally hardy plant. Our aloe vera leaves are harvested and filleted by hand within 6 hours, which preserves the freshness and makes sure the aloe is the highest possible quality.

We source our organic aloe vera from Campeche in south-east Mexico. We work with expert farmers who really know their stuff, and can harvest the aloe while causing minimal harm to the environment. This is particularly important since the land is close to three precious rainforest biosphere reserves in the Yucatan peninsula.

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Aloe vera plant The Body Shop Aloe products in bathroom
Woman standing in field of aloe vera

Since 2015, our trade has helped support the indigenous female farmers living on the edge of these rainforests, who could otherwise face discrimination and limited work opportunities.

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