Glowing British Rose Little Gift Box

Body care gift setFloral fragrance

Glowing British Rose Little Gift Box
"Smells like spring, I decided to gift this to my mother in law and she loved it."
What does it do for you ?

Take skin to the English countryside with the refreshingly floral surprises packed inside our Glowing British Rose Little Gift Box.
Lather up with the cleansing Shower Gel or Soap and body buffing Bath Lily. Nourish skin with the fast-absorbing Body Yogurt for 48hr moisture. Hydrate palms and pinkies with our Hand Cream.
This luxurious, bow-wrapped gift box is perfect for any occasion.

  • British Rose Shower Gel 8.4 FL OZ
  • British Rose Body Yogurt 6.75 OZ
  • British Rose Soap 3.5 OZ
  • British Rose Hand Cream 1 OZ
  • Pink Bath Lily made with recycled plastic
  • Infused with the essence of English roses
  • Vegan
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How to use

  1. Scoop out a dollop of our British Rose Body Yogurt and massage it into your skin, straight after showering, or whenever your skin needs a bit of TLC.
  2. Now put some clothes on already! There’s no need to wait.

How To Use

1. Wash your hands under lukewarm water with British Rose Hand Wash or your favorite hand soap and dry until the skin is slightly damp.
2. Squeeze the hazelnut-sized portion of British Rose Hand Cream to hands and massage gently onto the hands and cuticles. Enjoy the feeling of its lightweight formula. 3. Let the hand cream settle in the skin for a few minutes. Take a moment to enjoy the feeling of soft and smooth hands with a rose smell. 4. Re-apply continuously throughout your day whenever your hands start to feel a little dry.

How to use

  1. Hop in the shower and squeeze out a dollop of our shower gel.
  2. Let your mind drift and smell the roses and peonies.
  3. Enjoy working into a rich lather in the bath or shower.
  4. Sensuously smooth over skin and feel cleansed and refreshed.
  5. Rinse away and feel ready for whatever the day may bring.
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Community Fair Trade organic almond milk and oil

Nutty goodness your skin loves

We love almond milk and oil for their hydrating, skin-loving properties and rich vitamin E content. We’ve teamed up with Mañán in Spain (the ‘Almond Experts’, no less) to produce the Community Fair Trade almond milk and oil in our products.

Mañán are based in Alicante. They work with a cooperative of local, small-scale farmers and set a market price, which helps offer a bit of stability for local farmers.

Mañán use sustainable farming methods to grow their organic almonds. They respect the local environment (including working with the area’s water shortages), and their farms are a haven for bees. Almond plantations are natural fire barriers, which helps protect natural habitats from forest fires. Pretty amazing, right?

Discover the Almond range

Our organic almond oil is made from broken nuts that aren’t usually sold for food, and unwanted almond husks are turned into compost to help minimise waste. It’s one way we make sure we’re taking care of the planet.

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3.9 / 5
71% would recommend this to a friend


Nice spring smell

Glowing British Rose Little Gift Box

Age: 40 - 44
Posted date: March 2021
Country : United Kingdom
Smells like spring, I decided to gift this to my mother in law and she loved it.
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Expectations were too high

Glowing British Rose Little Gift Box

Age: 16 - 25
Time using product: 1 week
Posted date: December 2021
Country : United Kingdom
I was really excited for it to come as a gift for my friend, and most of the stuff is alright except the scrunchie shower sponge thing is NOT as pictured. Instead I’ve been sent a flimsy little cotton thing. And also, so much unnecessary packaging for a small product. Not too impressed.
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Box full of goodies

Glowing British Rose Little Gift Box

Go get this product
Age: 35 - 39
Time using product: 1+ year(s)
Posted date: November 2021
Country : Australia
Love the smell and variety in the pack
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2 of 3 found this review helpful