Sourced from Prokritee since 2001

Our Community Trade Hemp Mitts are made in Bangladesh by women belonging to Prokritee, a not-for-profit fair trade organization. Prokritee means ‘nature’ in Bengali. The mitts are made from 100% naturally grown hemp, from Madaripur district in Bangladesh. Craftswomen handcraft our Hemp Mitts from fibre to finished product. Our trade helps to provide economically vulnerable artisans with stability. Prokritee has had a hugely positive impact on improving equality and raising women’s social status in the community, enabling them to earn money and support their families.

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Enrich our products

Our Hemp Mitts are made from natural fibres by expert artisans. The fibres are combed, spun and stretched into threads, and cleverly knitted into mitts.

Enrich our people

Prokritee works to support rural groups of artisans to increase employment opportunities in an area with limited opportunities. They offer adult education classes and have built a community hall where women can meet and build supportive networks.

Enrich our planet

A naturally thrifty crop, hemp thrives without the use of fertilisers or pesticides. Plus, every part of the plant has a use so nothing is wasted!