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Apricot & Agave Hair & Body Mist

Fruity scent

Apricot & Agave Hair & Body Mist 5 FOZ
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What does it do for you ?

Get a refreshing and uplifting burst of fragrance with our superfood-inspired Hair & Body Mists. Perfect for when you need a quick fruity refresh! These cute and colorful mists are inspired by ingredients from around the world to freshen up your hair and body and give those extra feel-good vibes. Pick fruity Apricot & Agave for little sweetness. Chuck in your bag, grab one in every flavor to stash in your desk drawer, handbag and gym bag. Mix it up, swap them, and carry one everywhere.

  • Body Mist
  • Portable fragrance mist
  • Sweet and fruity apricot scent with notes of orange, bergamot and agave
  • Perfect for spritzing on-the-go
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How To Use

  1. Pick the flavor you need to feel good, and spritz your hair and body for an instant fragrance refresh
  2. Pop in your bag and top up whenever you like

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