Mango Body Mist

Body mistSmell refreshingly juicy

Mango Body Mist 3.3 FL OZ
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What does it do for you ?

Smell irresistibly juicy with our improved Mango Body Mist.

Now made with 97% ingredients of natural origin, our body mist leaves you feeling instantly refreshed and smelling like a ripe and juicy mango from head to toe.

Our fragrant mist now also comes in recyclable packaging made with 31% recycled glass, so you can love your planet every time you love and spritz that beautiful body.

• Body mist
• Smell juicy
• Feel instantly refreshed
• Made with 97% ingredients of natural origin
• Vegan

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Mango Body Mist

How to use

  1. Give it a shake.
  2. Spritz sparingly or generously.
  3. Smell like a ripe and juicy mango.
  4. Feel instantly refreshed.

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