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Moringa Eau De Toilette

Floral scentFor dry skinVegan

Moringa Eau De Toilette 1.0 FL OZ
Wat doet het voor jou?

Delicately scent your skin in a crisp, floral aroma with moringa. Blending notes of sugar and moringa extract to create a uniquely fresh fragrance.

  • Eau de Toilette
  • lasting fragrance
  • Crisp, floral aroma with moringa
  • Blending notes of sugar and moringa
  • Uniquely fresh fragrance
  • Long lasting fragrance
  • Community Fair Trade sugarcane essence from Brazil
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Moringa Eau De Toilette

How To Use

  1. For the best results in attaining a long-lasting crisp, floral scent when using The Body Shop Moringa Eau De Toilette – start by having a hot shower or bath for the skin to absorb the eau de toilette later, as pores will be open as a result.< br/> Ensure skin is completely dry after washing, especially around the neckline and pulse points where the eau de toilette will be sprayed.< br/> Apply a fragrance Moringa Body Milk once skin is dry, as this will allow the skin to be more receptive to fragrance absorption.< br/> Finish by applying the eau de toilette onto your neckline and pulse points before wearing your clothes for skin to smell fragrant.


4.4 / 5


Fresh scent

Moringa Eau De Toilette

Age: Over 45
Time using product: 1 month
Love this scent size however is very small
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A bit of Moringa lasts all day!

Moringa Eau De Toilette

Age: 40 - 44
Time using product: 1+ year(s)
A while back, not long after body shop stores starting disappearing from areas, I went to the website to find it bought by someone else and the new products were very expensive and almost all the old product gone. I was devastated. Body Shop fragrances and products were all I used for years. Bath and Body Works has always had good deals but their scents are so overdone. I like more natural, real scents. Morninga was one of my favorites along with Honey Mania which I am praying with all my might returns soon. Already a wonderful and super useful plant in general, the scent from its blooms are like no other. I get co-workers and friends telling me I smell great. It's a happy, creamier honeysuckle type scent. I'm so glad to be owning and loving TBS's products once again!
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Moringa Eau De Toilette

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