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Coconut And Yuzu Hair & Body Mist

Fresh scent

Coconut & Yuzu Hair & Body Mist 150ml
What does it do for you ?

Get a refreshing and uplifting burst of fragrance with our superfood-inspired Hair & Body Mists. Perfect for when you need a quick pick-me-up, these cute and colorful mists are inspired by ingredients from around the world to freshen up your hair and body, and gives you those feel-good vibes wherever you are. Pick Coconut & Yuzu for a fresh, tropical scent to make you feel like you’re on holiday. Grab one in every flavor to stash in your desk drawer, handbag and gym bag. Mix it up, swap them, and carry one everywhere.

  • Body Mist
  • Portable fragrance mist
  • Fresh scent with notes of yuzu, coconut and jasmine
  • Perfect for spritzing on-the-go
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Coconut And Yuzu Hair & Body Mist
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How To Use

  1. Pick the flavor you need to feel good, and spritz your hair and body for an instant fragrance refresh
  2. Pop in your bag and top up whenever you like


3.1 / 5


This scent is EVERYTHING

Coconut And Yuzu Hair & Body Mist

Age: Over 45
Time using product: 1 month
I bought this scent as a perfume for my hair and am not disappointed. It has a lovely scent that puts me in a good mood every time I smell it. I bought the coconut along with the berry scent, I now wish I had just bought two coconut ones.
1   1  

Absolutely disappointed

Coconut And Yuzu Hair & Body Mist

Age: 40 - 44
Time using product: 1 week
I always buy your products. I ordered this and was truly disappointed in this product it has a very strong odor and it doesn't smell so good. I was excited to try the product since I love coconut. I personally didn't like this product and asked my family if anyone liked the odor including friends. No one wanted it so it went into the trash. Disappointed that I wasted my money on this.
0   7  


Coconut And Yuzu Hair & Body Mist

Age: 35 - 39
I didn’t like this at all. Coconut. Where? All I hit from this was Yusuf which is what I assumed was the strongest note in the fragrance because the coconut was non existent. I would’ve returned it but their return process is too much of a hassle so, I gave it away.
1   2