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Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion

For sensitive skinSoothesVegetarian

Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion SPF15 50ml
What does it do for you ?

It’s a tough gig, easing sensitive skin. All calm and collected one minute, screaming out for attention the next. It’s even tougher when you use the wrong skincare. So allow us to introduce our Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion SPF15, a soothing moisturiser that helps sensitive skin feel softer, nourished and lovingly cared for.

Enriched with an ancient hydrating hero, Community Fair Trade aloe vera from Mexico, this soothing lotion makes for an important step in your morning skincare routine. Not only does it help hydrate your skin for a big day ahead, but you’ll also get an extra hit of SPF on top of your daily sunscreen. It's a silky, non-greasy, enriched-with-aloe moisturising lotion so you can smooth it on in the morning and be on your way to doing the more important things in your day.

If you’re after an aloe vera lotion for face then look no further than The Body Shop’s Aloe Day Cream. It’s a big favorite in the Aloe Vera range for its ability to tenderly moisturise stressed out skin when it needs it the most, bringing some much needed relief to even the most sensitive of souls.

  • Kind and gentle on sensitive skin
  • Enriched with Community Fair Trade aloe vera from Mexico
  • A soothing moisturiser with SPF 15
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How to use

  1. First up, refresh your skin with a gentle cleanse. Why not try our Aloe Calming Cream Cleanser?
  2. Follow up with our Aloe Calming Toner for an extra clean feeling.
  3. Squeeze a small amount of our Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion SPF15 onto your fingertips and smooth all over your face and neck (gently does it).

Community Fair Trade organic aloe vera

Naturally soothing on easily upset skin

Aloe vera is known for being ultra-gentle and soothing on skin. It’s helped us formulate our Aloe range to handle sensitive skin with kid gloves.

It’s a naturally hardy plant. Our aloe vera leaves are harvested and filleted by hand within 6 hours, which preserves the freshness and makes sure the aloe is the highest possible quality.

We source our organic aloe vera from Campeche in south-east Mexico. We work with expert farmers who really know their stuff, and can harvest the aloe while causing minimal harm to the environment. This is particularly important since the land is close to three precious rainforest biosphere reserves in the Yucatan peninsula.

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Aloe vera plant The Body Shop Aloe products in bathroom
Woman standing in field of aloe vera

Since 2015, our trade has helped support the indigenous female farmers living on the edge of these rainforests, who could otherwise face discrimination and limited work opportunities.


5.0 / 5

Best Body Shop product

Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion

garden girl
Age: Over 45
I have lost count of how many years I have been using this product. I had a melanoma on my face years ago and need a good sunscreen. My husband always objected to using "greasy" sunscreen products but I persuaded him to try this and he has used it for many years too! So try this and you will be hooked by its lightweight feel and sunscreen protection.
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Face sunscreen without breakouts

Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion

Age: 35 - 39
I first fell upon this in Africa, where my malaria medication was causing my skin to just peel off. The aloe was SO soothing, I felt like a new person. I have since continued to use it as my face sunscreen, because it doesn't make me break out at all. Love this product!
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