Mango Lip Butter

For dry skinFruity scent

"Smells delicious, stays put and keeps lips nicely moisturised."
What does it do for you ?

Treat your lips to our beautifully buttery Mango Lip Butter. The rich texture moisturizes lips and leaves them looking healthier and suppler. With Community Fair Trade mango seed oil from India, the lip butter has a lusciously juicy mango scent and leaves a subtle, clear shine.

  • Nourishing, rich butter texture
  • Moisturizes and instantly soothes lips
  • Relieves and protects lips from dryness
  • Lips feel softer, smoother and more supple
  • Leaves a subtle shine with no color
  • Punchy mango scent
  • Enriched with Community Fair Trade mango seed oil from India
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Mango Lip Butter

How To Use

  1. How to Use
    Make your lips feel and look good with Born Lippy™ Lip Balm Pot. Suited for all skin types, it works the best on the dehydrated skin on lips or chapped lips.

    Apply the Born Lippy™ Lip Balm Pot directly to lips with your fingertip, a lip brush, or simply ‘kiss’ the butter. Take a moment to enjoy the feeling and a fruity watermelon scent.
    2. Keep your lips soft, moisturized and shiny by dabbing small amount of butter throughout the day.
    3. Re-apply Born Lippy™ Lip Balm Pot after consuming food and drink, washing your face or taking a shower to avoid dryness of lips.

Community Fair Trade mango seed oil

Helps skin glow like a juicy mango

Mango seed oil is brilliant for the skin, thanks to its high antioxidant content and ample Vitamin A and E.

Mango seed oil is a mini miracle. It’s extracted from the kernel of the fruit, which would otherwise be chucked away. Every bit of the mango is used, which is why it’s known as ‘gold on the streets of India.’

We work with Manorama Industries in Chattisgarh, India to source our Community Fair Trade mango seed oil. Local women’s cooperatives collect the mangoes from forest floor and hand-peel them, before the seeds are cracked and extracted for their precious oil.

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The women in these cooperatives are trained in harvesting methods and creating a sustainable source of income. They also work hard to help protect India’s mango trees, so we can trust our trade isn’t doing the world any harm.

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Gorgeous lip butter

Mango Lip Butter

Skin Type: Normal
Age: 40 - 44
Time using product: 1 month
Posted date: January 2021
Country : United Kingdom
Smells delicious, stays put and keeps lips nicely moisturised.
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Love it

Mango Lip Butter

Skin Type: Sensitive
Age: Over 45
Time using product: 1+ month(s)
Posted date: May 2022
Country : Australia
Love the taste
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Great Smell - Gross Taste

Mango Lip Butter

Lina B
Posted date: March 2022
Country : Canada
Smells delicious, but tastes like hell lol. If the slightest quantity gets in your mouth my eating or drinking, you'll know what i mean. And i like to put enough product, so it defeats the purpose.
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