Drops of Youth™ Youth Liquid Peel

For tired, dehydrated skinMade with EdelweissGently exfoliates

Drops of Youth™ Youth Liquid Peel 4.9FL OZ
"Product leaves your skin feeling soft and renewed."
What does it do for you ?

In a word: exfoliates. But there’s so much more to our Drops of Youth™ Liquid Peel than meets the eye.

First things first, let’s talk about liquid peels – we promise it’s not as scary as it sounds! A liquid peel like The Body Shop’s Liquid Peel helps to gently remove impurities, lifting dead skin cells and nasties. It visibly collects up grubbiness in satisfying little rubbings across your face. Quite the important step if you ask us. This clever gel-to-peel helps leave skin feeling clean and purified from the day: dirt, dust and grime don’t stand a chance.

If you’re ready to discover the Drops of Youth™ peel for yourself then get ready for a nice surprise: it’s infused with a blend of three plant stem cells, edelweiss from the Italian Alps, sea holly and criste marine from the Brittany Coast. It’s also enriched with Community Fair Trade moringa seed oil from Rwanda. Together in our formula, they work hard to help you see a fresher, smoother and more luminous looking visage. See? There’s nothing scary about using our liquid peels.

  • Infused with three plant stem cells
  • Enriched with Community Fair Trade moringa seed oil
  • Feel the dead skin cells lifting off*
  • Peels away impurities and pollutants*
  • Skin feels freshly cleansed**Tested on 109 women
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Drops of Youth™ Youth Liquid Peel

How to use

  1. Apply two pumps of liquid peel onto dry skin. Stay away from the eye and mouth areas.
  2. Get to work massaging it in and try not to have too much fun here. After a few seconds you’ll start to see the dead skin and grime peeling off into little rubbings.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with water (or run around scaring your housemates first).
  4. If needed, use a muslin cloth with toner to remove those last little bits. For best results, use 2-3 times a week.

Edelweiss Extraordinary power

Known for its power to protect and repair itself, edelweiss just may be our new favorite crop. Maybe.

So why is it so great? On every edelweiss petal you’ll find thousands of air bubbles which help to protect the flower from burning in the sun and freezing in the cold. Rich in antioxidants, its health is preserved no matter the temperature. With these protective properties, edelweiss has an enhanced resistance to daily environmental aggressors.

You’ll find this star ingredient in our Drops of Youth™ range.

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Shot of edelweiss plant growing out of rocky surface Drops of Youth range against rocky dessert background with blue sky
Drops of Youth Concentrate bottle on rocky surface with edelweiss plants in the background

Our edelweiss is sourced from the Italian alps, where blistering, sunny days meet freezing, cold nights, giving the flower its strength and resilience.

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Works great

Drops of Youth™ Youth Liquid Peel

Age: 25 - 34
Posted date: April 2020
Product leaves your skin feeling soft and renewed.
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Drops of Youth™ Youth Liquid Peel

Skin Concern: Dullness
Age: Over 45
Time using product: 1 week
Posted date: April 2021
This product is so amazing it’s scary
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My face feels amazing!

Drops of Youth™ Youth Liquid Peel

Skin Concern: Aging
Age: 40 - 44
Time using product: 1 month
Posted date: March 2021
I absolutely love this. I only use it a few times a week but my skin feels so soft after I use it.
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